You know you’re a runner when….

You know you’re a runner when…..**

  • You can recite the dialogue from chariots of fire.
  • Your vacations are planned around marathons.
  • You lube up to get into your clothes to prevent chafing.
  • Your friends don’t call you anymore to go out on Saturday nights.
  • The majority of t-shirts in your closet have sponsors and race dates on them.
  • You consider gels a food group.
  • You consider a half marathon a good “training” run.
  • You can say fartlek without laughing.
  • You buy advil and Epsom salts in bulk.
  • You can correctly spell plantar fasciitis.

If you have additions, let me know!

    **Note: This list is a compilation of things that I have found across the web and things that I have come up with.  I wish I was creative and funny enough to come up with all of them, but alas I am not. 

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