Stay Away from the Tricks and Treats Challenge Wrap Up

October has truly been a huge month for me.  A quick recap: – I murdered my first 70.3 (This seems forever ago!) – Fella kicked butt in his first 10K – Pam and Kim came to town to run STL RNR.  Oh, … Continue reading

Owning My Journey

I was going to post a generic Three Things Thursday today, but I’d rather post something of substance.  I’ve gone back and forth on posting this since it’s more than just a surface level post.  It’s uncomfortable posting something more … Continue reading

Five for Friday

I’m down with jumping on bandwagons today.  My brain is completely shot.  [darci, april, christina + natasha] |ONE| I have a wonderful friend who comes and lets our monsters out in the afternoon.  Our regular two are fine, but our little foster … Continue reading

Four Fthings Friday

…Because it’s my blog and I can spell things any way that I want to…  1.  Less than 48 hours.  Eff.  To say that I am freaking out would be a minor understatement.  Sick to my stomach with nerves would … Continue reading