What day is it?

Hump day!  Which means one day closer to heading down to the Sunshine State.  Friday cannot come soon enough.  We’re heading down for a quick trip to see a the wedding venue.  Wish us luck!  Life in general has been … Continue reading

The Day Before Half Priced Chocolate Day!

I’ve never really much been in to Valentine’s Day and that hasn’t really changed much regardless of if I am in a relationship or not.  I feel like you should show love on all days, not just when Hallmark tells … Continue reading

TTT – Stairs, Planes, Puppies, and Winter (Oh my!)

1.  Kick ass February has temporarily been put on hold due to my general lack of coordination and grace. I’m the only one that I know who can do this much damage going *up* the freaking stairs.  Yes, I said … Continue reading