Out of the Fog and into the Randomness

I’ve been laid up for the past few days with a nasty cold virus and I’m finally starting to feel like a real person again.  Thank goodness for doctors and drugs!  The worst of it came on Friday with the … Continue reading

Five for Friday

I’m down with jumping on bandwagons today.  My brain is completely shot.  [darci, april, christina + natasha] |ONE| I have a wonderful friend who comes and lets our monsters out in the afternoon.  Our regular two are fine, but our little foster … Continue reading

TTT – Games, Goofballs, and Gateway

1.  The awesome people at Gateway Pet Guardians decided to celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Moth by taking everyone to a Cardinals game this week!  I love helping with the dogs regardless, but this was definitely a great perk.  Plus, we had … Continue reading

Monday Musings

Life has been nuts….thus the lack of posting.  Here is what you missed in some kind of order…. – First and foremost, the world lost an amazing man this weekend and my heart is broken.  Needless to say, it’s been … Continue reading