What day is it?

Hump day!  Which means one day closer to heading down to the Sunshine State.  Friday cannot come soon enough.  We’re heading down for a quick trip to see a the wedding venue.  Wish us luck!  Life in general has been … Continue reading

TTT – Stairs, Planes, Puppies, and Winter (Oh my!)

1.  Kick ass February has temporarily been put on hold due to my general lack of coordination and grace. I’m the only one that I know who can do this much damage going *up* the freaking stairs.  Yes, I said … Continue reading

Three Things Thursday

1. I have two of my old basketball friends are doing awesome things in the world.  They are biking the ENTIRE 300 miles of the Potomac.  In March.  Can you say BRRR?!  They are doing this to raise money for … Continue reading