It’s a new day…

Days Till Marathon: 138

So I finally get to run again tomorrow after a three day absence. Stupid eyes and not being able to wear contact lenses.

In other news, things are finally falling in place with life and I’m moving back out to St. Louis and back near the best park in America…Forest Park. If you knew this park, you would understand why I am so excited. This is one less obstacle in my way!

Welcome to the journey….

I’m not a bear. I don’t really need an extra layer of fat in order to get myself through the winter. Especially seeing as I live in Florida right now and the winter weather barely requires a jacket.

Now one would think that being rather rotund in an area where beach attire is practically required all year round would be enough reason and motivation to get into shape. It’s not. The people who say that nothing taste as good as thin feels have obviously never lived my life (or tried to eat healthy around my friends and family!).

Thus, I settled on using a scare tactic to get myself in shape. A marathon. 26.2 grueling, miserable, punishing, disgusting miles….at the happiest place on earth nonetheless (Disney World!).

Welcome to my journey… experiment to see if I can finally stick with something hard and pass the final test…..with my sarcasm in tow.

Days till Marathon: 140
Weight: too much….


Marathon Time: sub 4:00:00