Three day work week and five day weekend? Yes please!

I leave tomorrow early afternoon for Orlando and then Friday morning we ship out to the Bahamas!  I’m pretty sure that I won’t want to go running once I get to Orlando, so I am going to go tomorrow morning before my flight…or at least that’s the plan.  I happen to be one of those people who dislikes running in the morning.  Somehow every time I say that I will run in the morning I just end up hitting snooze until I just tell the alarm clock to go away.  But I’m motivated and dedicated….and I’m going to ask my friend Matt to give me a wake up call and make sure that I get out of bed.  Whatever works, right? 

I was really proud of myself for going out on my run today.  I didn’t really have to argue with myself that much though.  Not going was pretty much not an option.  I’m proud of myself for finally getting into the right mindset.  Yay for thinking like a runner… step, running like a runner!

I need to make sure that I keep an eye on my eating and keep it within healthy range (not eating too much, but eating enough).  The past couple of days I have noticed that I have been very “picky” about food to the point that I have kind of lost my appetite.  It’s like there is a mechanism in my head that goes off when I am trying to get in shape and lose weight that starts to go into extremist mode.  It sees food (any food, good or bad) and decided that eating it will just undo any good that I did in running.  Bad brain, bad.  I’ve been keeping an eye on it though so it doesn’t get out of control.  I’m slightly worried about the cruise though because I will have no control over the preparation of the food.  Deep breaths.  

I’m starting to notice changes in my body, even if they aren’t drastically noticeable to others.  My legs are more muscular.  My midsection is much smaller and more toned.  I’ve been getting more compliments on how I look from people in general.  I’m not sure if this is because I actually look different or because I am carrying myself with confidence since I feel better about myself.  Either way, it’s a good thing. 

Time flies…

So I may have underestimated the amount of time that training is going to take me.  It is 12:40 am and I just got home from grocery shopping because it was literally the only time that I had all day.  Long days blow, yet are somehow becoming the norm.  I am starting to understand the truth behind the fact that exercising gives you more energy.  After work today I just wanted to collapse into a small ball and the couch and not move until October, but I gathered up all my gumption and forced myself to go anyways.  Given, it wasn’t my best run, but I felt a lot better after the run than I did before.  Plus, if I had skipped the run I would have had the added guilt of not running added to my day.  No one wants that.  My legs were really heavy and tired today though, which I though was slightly strange after three days of rest.  I’m thinking that I might have to add stretching into my routine. 

Also, I signed my lease today and I officially begin the move to the new apartment next week.  Yay!  It will be nice to have a shorter commute and to be near a park again.  It will also be nice to be near where most of my friends live.  I’m going to be a bit heart broken to leave my friends with whom I am staying now though.  I love being able to have them around all the time, but you know what they say about house guests and fish….yeah, me neither.

I’m also already mentally preparing myself for my cruise this weekend.  (Oh, by the way, I’m going on a cruise to the Caribbean this weekend!).  I plan on still getting all my running in and watching what I eat.  I figure that if I already commit to sticking with my training schedule then I will follow through.  Plus, I know that if I actually get my running in then I will also eat better.  It’s easier to eat that large piece of cake if you already think that you’re screwed for the day.  It’s much harder to eat it after a 5 mile run and ruin all of the good that you just did.  The cruise leaves Friday afternoon and gets back Monday morning.  Thus, there will be no updates during that time, but I will dutifully report back by Monday night (hopefully about how great the rock climbing wall and track were…..and the lobster dinners!). 

One new routine, one old routine….

Days till marathon: 111

Sorry about my lack of writing lately.  I was going crazy last week trying to find an apartment and then prepare for my first day of work today.  Fortunately I have only good news to report on both fronts.  I found an adorable little one bedroom apartment three blocks from the second largest park in the city.  I’m slightly in love with it because it has some character to it, unlike many apartments that I saw.  It has exposed brick in half of it, a huge loft style kitchen, a walk in closet the size of a small house, and a dishwasher!  If you saw the dish situation in my last apartment, you will understand my excitement over a dishwasher.  Let’s just say that at one point we had to boil anything that had been in the sink because mold had begun to grow.  Get the picture?  Now try to get that image out of your head….

I also had my first day on the job today and it went great.  I’m a bit overwhelmed, but I’m sure that it will pass.  It’s just all very intense all of a sudden being tossed into my first “real” job.  I’m no longer working for a summer or as a side job.  I’m completely responsible for certain projects and people are counting on me to know things.  I’m having some doubts as to why they hired me :S  Part of me is afraid that all of a sudden they will realize that they hired someone who has no clue what they are doing.  Till then I’m going to have some good fun drowning in my new found career!

I’ve taken a three day hiatus from running.  I had my longest run yet on Friday (5.5 miles) and then decided that before my training regime started officially as of tomorrow that I would take one last sabbatical.  I needed a bit of a break between work, apartment hunting, and general resettling nonsense.  I’m excited to get back into the swing of things tomorrow.  It will be nice to finally have a training schedule again.  I’m glad that I took the two and a half/three weeks to build a solid base though.  When I look at my training schedule now, I don’t feel overwhelmed.  I get kind of excited because over the past few weeks I have re-realized how capable my body is. 

On a sad note, my running partner’s schedule doesn’t fit particularly well with mine.  I think that we may only be able to run weekends together.  Once I get my final work schedule though it will be easier to figure out. 

Also, I promise to write more regularly once the madness of my life dies down. 

Happy thought of the day:  my butt looked amazing today….not sure if it was the pants I wore to work or all of the running, but it looked dynamite. 

Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks?

So although I have been known to be rather skeptical of running with people, I thoroughly enjoyed my run today.  Keeping a casual conversation going during the run actually did make it go quite a bit faster.  It also went quite a bit faster because the person I was running with just got out of basic training and is in great shape.  He ran slower than normal, I ran faster than normal.  We met in the middle.  It was great.  I think that this can really help my running.  We did just shy of three miles at just over eight and a half minute mile pace.  What was also interesting that he informed me of was that talking during running can actually help with breathing (which is why the army sings when they march!).  I also learned more about the military today than I have in the past 5 years.  One overarching theme: T.A.L.A (the army loves acronyms).

While my run was good, my food was a bit more varied.  All of my meals were eaten out with friends.  I did have quite a bit of will power though and ate just enough that I was full.  I’m going a but nutty over not having had a scale for the past almost week.  I’m considering possibly going and stealing my scale from where all my stuff is stored and bringing it to where I am staying.  We’ll see. 

It was a beautiful day!

Today was simply a day of greats! 

First and most excitingly (which tells you about how screwy my priorities are), I ran my fastest 5k ever….27:08.  My last 5k time was somewhere around 32:00.  I think I might have to find a new place to run though because there are a large number of Canadian Geese in my current running park.  Now one goose isn’t really anything to worry about, but an entire army of organized geese is slightly worrisome.  I’m convinced that one day they are just going to turn on me.  Just watch for the newspaper headline “Running girl surrounded by irate geese.  Feathers were ruffled!”  Although hopefully they will write a better headline than that….

Second, I got my job!  I received a call today from my lovely future boss offering me the position.  I can now afford all the fun running gear I want!  Or at least can afford to pay my rent….Thank goodness for me that they let the inmates run the assylum.

Third, I found my future apartment.  It is the right price, the right neighborhood, and all the right features.  I have a few more to look at this week, but I am pretty much sold on this one.  The main feature that sold me is the fact that the kitchen is actually the size of a proper kitchen.  I’m sorry, but even though I am living on a budget I refuse to have to cook in a space the size of a small closet.  Not. Going. To. Happen.  Did I mention that the apartment is half a block from one of the best parks in the area?  Because it is….

So my running motivation has been dragging a bit lately, which is strange because I thought that motivation would be easier in St. Louis than back in Florida.  I realized that running in Florida was easier though because there was really nothing else to do (and much less food temptation!).  I have people to see and things to do here.  It’s very tempting to sit on the couch and watch a movie with a good friend rather than go run.  I’m trying something new tomorrow though.  I am running with a partner.  I’ve never really been keen on running with people (mainly because I get nervous that I won’t be good enough to run with them), but I keep getting told that it is a good social activity.  Plus, it is someone who I haven’t seen in a while and it will be nice to see them again.  Anyone know how to look cute (or at least not look like crap) after running 3 miles?  If you do, let me know asap!