Whole 30 – Results

Note: I hit publish on this yesterday, but for some reason it stayed in drafts?  Computers and I are not friends. 

I made it!  Today is Day 31!

finished-the-w30-IG-300x300First off, let me start with this is not the program for everyone.  This is not the program for people who don’t have time to think ahead about their food and to prep meals.  This is not a program for people who need or want moderation.  

This is the program for people who have difficulty handling moderation.  This is the program for people who like and can adhere to strict rules.  This is the program for people who want a weight loss program without having to count calories.  

I have to admit that I had my doubts when I began this journey.  Cutting out all grains, dairy, added sugar, legumes, and alcohol is a daunting task.  I may have been in physical pain when my friends were digging in to homemade ice cream sandwiches (is it obvious I have a food problem yet?).  I will tell you that in spite of the challenge, I am extremely pleased with both the results and the lessons that I learned along the way.

First off, the results.  That’s why everyone is here, right?  I was terrified of weighing in this morning.  I’ve learned so much in the last 30 days, but I knew that if it didn’t reflect in the scale that I would be devastated.  That’s obviously something that I still have to work on.  Fortunately, it was an unfounded fear.  So in 30 days, I lost:

 13.8 pounds and 6.5 inches!

To say that I am thrilled would be an understatement.  Now for some of the bigger lessons that I have learned…

1.  Find what works for you.  Counting calories wasn’t working for me anymore.  It was exhausting, tedious, and frustrating.  I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted and it was taking away all of my motivation.  I’ve learned that as long as you have guidelines for healthy meal templates, you don’t need to weigh everything.  Even more, if you fill your plate with healthy, nutrient dense foods, you don’t have to tally and count every single calories.  It absolutely matters what you eat.  A calorie is not a calorie.  People look at me strangely when I tell them that eating the Whole 30 way has been freeing, but that’s really how I feel.  I am not a slave to recording every bite that goes into my mouth.  And that is amazing.

2.  You don’t have to be hungry all the time to lose weight.  I can count on one hand the number of times that I was hungry on this plan.  It encourages you to eat enough so that you can avoid that hunger.  Again, this comes back to eating good, nutrient dense foods.  It’s a lot easier to stay full when you’re eating lean meats and vegetables.  It’s a lot harder when eating white pasta and cookies.

3.  “Special” events are not that special.  Before the Whole 30, I fell into the trap of treating myself when there was a special occasion or a special food item around.  NEWS FLASH!  Not that special!  Really.  There are always gatherings with friends and people bringing food in for work and special events to celebrate.  Life is full of special events.  That doesn’t make the event any less special.  But it does mean that I don’t get to eat pizza and cake at each of them.  There will always be other events with more food.  My health is more important than that.  I want to reserve treats to be special and once in a while.  The only treat in the last 30 days that I really regret missing out on were the homemade ice cream sandwiches.  One out of thirty days isn’t too bad and is about where I want to be in the future.

4.  When it comes to my health, I can’t be lazy.  Yes, it’s easier to eat out more frequently.  But in the end, I pay for it.  And I’m putting myself first now.  I want to make the investment into my health instead of into convenience.  One of the biggest things that has helped me is to prepare many meals at once.  It’s easy to cook extra portions at dinner and have lunch for the next couple of days, too!

So now what?  Now that the 30 days are over, I plan on adding back some of the banned foods back.  I’ll be adding back whole grains like quinoa and some legumes like chickpeas.  I also plan on adding back a little bit of sugar.  I still miss having creamer in my Saturday morning coffee.  I’ll have to see how it goes though since I know that moderation is a very slippery slope with me, especially when I am training.  Mostly though, I plan on continuing.  I have big plans for the future.  All of these plans involve me being healthy, happy, and strong.  It may take some time, but one day I’ll figure out my relationship with food.  Until then, I’m at least moving in the right direction.

Happy Wednesday!

Why is it always Monday!?!


This weekend went by far too quickly.  Doesn’t it always?!  Here’s a quick recap:

– Mama Lucy got adopted!  She couldn’t have gone to a better home.  They are crazy dog people and I love it.  We miss her at home, but that’s part of being a foster.  I really hope we don’t regret giving her up.  She really was the best dog.  There may have been tears as we drove away.


Okay Lucy….play dead! Good girl! She is seriously the laziest dog.

– I rocked my weekend workouts.  I had a 2.5 hour trainer ride on Saturday and a 1:45 long run on Sunday.  Both of them were awesome and made me feel like I was on top of the world.  Boom!  I have never had a trainer ride over an hour and a half feel that productive or solid.  Ever.  My run felt awesome despite the fact that the city lied to me by telling me that the water fountains in the park were turned on.  They were not.  And I was very, very thirsty.  Parched, if you will.  Want to know what makes long runs better though?  Baby things.  Like this…


Babies! After this picture, mama goose hissed at me and I headed in the opposite direction!

– I stuck to the Whole 30 through a get together at my brother-in-law’s house.  This is not an easy feat seeing as there is nothing compliant at the family gatherings.  Not a single thing.  They were nice enough to keep some non-sauced meat on the side for me.  I brought a sweet potato as a side.  Being on the Whole 30 is not the easiest thing at times, but I do think that it it worth it.  My last day is on Tuesday, so we will see what the scale and measurements say!  I’ll post a full review on Wednesday.

Happy Monday!


Fake it till you make it (FITYLMI)

This is pretty much what I have been doing for the past month and it is finally starting to pay off.  I’m feeling motivated and strong, a far cry from where I was a month ago.  My workouts are less of a burden and more of an enjoyment.  I am not just going through the motions anymore.  Thank. Goodness.  It’s hard to go from someone who loves training and activity to a big old rut that takes all of that joy away.  This is especially difficult when you pride yourself on being the kind of person who enjoys movement.  It takes away part of your identity and that is a hard thing to face.  There is a lot of associated guilt and shame.

I should go exercise.

I should want to go exercise.

I should want to eat healthy.

Why am I not that person anymore?  What’s wrong with me?

There was a month and a half that I didn’t want to exercise, eat healthy, or do better.  I did my best to move as little as possible and I ate like crap.  It was terrible.  I felt terrible.  And it snowballed into a dark place.  I felt terrible, so I made terrible choices and felt more terrible.  I’m not unique in this cycle.

It’s hard to break the cycle when you get to the dark mental space.  You get comfortable in your misery.  The one thing that I have found to work is to pick one thing.  Pick one thing and work on that.  Don’t even try with anything else (that comes later).  Seriously.  This way you aren’t feeling guilt and shame over your exercise, your food, your unclean house, your to do list, your everything.  Picking training wasn’t working for me, so I picked my food.  Food was something I could focus on, control, and make better.

PicMonkey Collage 2

Ignore the messy dresser and terrible morning hair, but this is a shirt that has been in my closet for two years. TWO YEARS. I was finally able to wear it this week. Huge confidence boost in the right direction.

Personally (and with the help of my coach), I started on my Whole 30 journey.  It’s not a magic fix, but it’s what worked for me this time.  I couldn’t fix everything at once, but I could fix my food.  I meal prepped and ate clean.  I adhered to strict guidelines.  Every. Single. Day.  I cut out sugar, alcohol, and grains.  I started feeling like myself again.  Slowly, my desire to do other things came back.  My bike and my sneakers began to look lonely and I wanted to fix that.  For the first time in weeks, I started seeing more green than red in my Training Peaks account.  And suddenly one morning, I woke up and I was back.  The dark cloud that had been hanging over my head was gone.  I was swimming, biking, running, and lifting with a smile on my face.  And that smile isn’t fake anymore.

I can assure you that my excitement for this pretzel was not faked.

I can assure you that my excitement for this pretzel was not faked and I was not going through the motions.

Happy Thursday!

Tell Me Something Good Tuesday

– I didn’t die on my 50 mile ride over the weekend!  I finished the ride feeling strong and with a smile on my face.  It helped that I had two friends riding with me.  The mental aspect of a long ride is the hardest part for me and it really helped having company.  I would have been tempted to drop down to the 35 mile option if I had been alone.  Being a terrible blogger, I forgot to take any pictures.  The only mistake that I made was under-fueling.  Once I realize this and downed a few Huma gels and I was fine.  This was my first time using these gels and I really liked them.  It’s an interesting texture with the chia seeds, but I liked the texture much better than Gu.  Oddly enough, I can’t wait to ride long again!

"I wouldn't mind going for a bike ride,but I don't have any clothes that look stupid enough."

“I wouldn’t mind going for a bike ride,but I don’t have any clothes that look stupid enough.”

– My FitBit decided to die on me last week which had me really sad.  The customer service rep that I spoke to recommended that I reset it, but I couldn’t since my charger was a cheap knockoff version.  This is when FitBit showed its true colors….he offered to send me a new one for no charge!  I cannot speak highly enough of FitBit customer service.  All of my interactions with them have been positive and I love their product.  And no, I’m not paid to say this.  I just love them.


It’s Tuesday, so tell me something good!

Five for Friday


I won a new pair of awesome ROKA swim goggles from Swim, Bike, Mom!  I have a pair of swim goggle right now, but I am not overly fond of them.  These goggles look awesome and seem like they will fit well.  What a great way to start a Friday!  Side note, if you don’t already read her blog, please go check it out.  She’s one of the reasons that I decided to venture into the crazy world of triathlon.



I’m wake up at early o’clock tomorrow morning so that I can take part in the Tour de Stooges.  Slapstick comedy and bike riding?  That’s right up my ally!  I’ll be doing the 46 mile option and I’m kind of terrified.  Most of my rides lately have been 1-1.5 hours.  I’m estimating that tomorrow’s ride will be somewhere between 3 and 3.5 hours.  My butt is going to be crying out for mercy.  I really want to improve my bike before Racine 70.3 and getting in longer rides is all part of that.  As we’ve seen, I’ll pretty much do any crazy old thing in the name of triathlon.

Tour de Stooges Logo


Fella and I are going to a potluck shindig tomorrow night at a friend’s house.  A friend that is going told me that she’ll make sure that the salad is Whole 30 approved so I can eat it.  This makes me realize that A) I’m that girl and B) I have the most awesome friends in the entire world. FB_IMG_1430440637580


It’s the first week in a while that I have completed each and every one of my workouts.  It feels really good to see all the green boxes in Training Peaks and to really be back on track.  On the downside, my coach had me do an MAF test on Tuesday that nearly had me in tears.  I’m slower than I should be right now.  A lot slower.  The hardest part for me is facing the fact that it is only my fault.  I couldn’t live in lovely Denial Land when the watch showed me those numbers.  Sure, there have been life stresses, but I could have maintained my fitness better.  My lower fitness right now is due to poor decisions that I made.  It’s hard to face that.



Some days I love where I work and some days I hate it.  Today, I hate it.  Don’t these people know that I’m not allowed to have sugar right now?!?


Gooey butter cake, cinnimon rolls, chocolate chip scones, and other goodies. They smell so. freaking. good.

Happy Friday!