Originally I started this blog as a way to stay accountable during my training for the 2010 Disney Marathon.  While the race didn’t quite like I would have wanted, I finished and of that I am extremely proud.  One of my greatest moments was crossing that finish line after 26.2 grueling miles.  After the marathon ended I decided that I wasn’t finished running or blogging and thus One Crazy Penguin was born.  
The term “penguin” comes from the running writer John Bingham.  You might be a penguin if….

You might be a penguin if…

  • you have to politely (for the third time) tell the men in the police car moving behind you that No you do not wish a ride.
  • you wear your jog bra on top of your singlet. This is especially true if you are male.
  • during a race, you keep turning around to see if there is still anybody behind you.
  • the rest of the pack is out of sight before you’ve run 100 yards.
  • you meet both the hare AND the tortoise running back towards you doing their cool-down after a race.
  • the only reason you don’t drop out of a race is that you’re embarrassed that the police in the car behind you (closing the course) will see you.
  • as you’re rounding the corner onto Main Street and the finish line, you overhear the announcer on a microphone to the crowd of 500 saying “we are ASSURED the young lady IS coming in!” (Oh well, at least I was young).
  • you recognize all the regular runners on your favorite route from behind.
  • you get passed on the uphill by a runner pushing a double baby jog stroller.
  • you shoot a 24-shot roll of film during a marathon.
  • you make arrangements for a late checkout at the hotel.
  • you are more worried about the porta-potty lines than the start line.
  • your support crew talks about meeting you for supper, not lunch.
  • you have to memorize the route because you know that you will lose the back of the pack.
  • the truck picking up the cones is pressing on your behind. (Don’t laugh—this actually happened to me!)
  • as you pass a course volunteer they ask you, “How many are behind you yet?” and you say “Behind me? Behind? Gosh … I think two … Unless they turned around!”
  • the awards ceremony is over before you cross the finish line.
I may not finish first, but I always finish.  I may not be the fastest, but I can be the most determined.  I may not be the most sane, but I can be a crazy penguin 🙂
PS – You can find the official name changing post here.  

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