#HASHTAGHUMPDAY|A Work in Progress

This is a link up that I have been reading for a while and am finally deciding to tag along.  Who doesn’t love a bunch of super ridiculous hashtags?  First off, the guidelines since it’s my first time linking up:
  • Each Wednesday create a post about what’s going on in your life and #hashtag each item or story. See an example HERE. Be as creative as you want!
  • Grab the button and include it in your post
  •  Link up so we can all #creep on you and find out what’s new/funny/awesome /shitty in your life.
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Got it?  Let’s go!

So this is my first year that I can decorate for Christmas and I am kind of going crazy with it.  In past years, I always traveled home to Florida for the week of Christmas, so it never made much sense to decorate.  This is a big deal to me since I really love Christmas.  So far we have a real tree, the fireplace is decorated, and there is a wreath on the door.  This weekend’s project is to put all the lights up outside and maybe an inflatable animal of some sort.  #christmascrazy #sorrynotsorry #definitelynotagrinch #Fellamaybealittlescared

Orion and fireplace

Yes, you better believe that our dogs both get stockings.

Apparently I missed the memo that since Fella and I are now married, our reproductive future is open for public discussion.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that almost half of the conversation on Thanksgiving was extended family and friends pushing us to have kids and to do it ASAP.  Excuse me, but I’m fairly sure that this conversation has nothing to do with you.  I know that they all meant no harm in it, but it really is none of their business.  What if we were having reproductive issues?  I think I’m sensitive to it since I have friends who have had problems getting pregnant or have suffered the tragedy of miscarriage.  Fortunately my parents are on board with the wait to have grandkids plan and helped Fella and I steer the conversation in different directions, but these people were relentless. #happydogmom #willhavekidseventually #maybe #eitherwayitsnotyourbusiness #thankfulforsupportiveparents

Currently my favorite type of kid.

Currently my favorite type of kid.

I’m making my way towards being in a shape other than round.  I have really big goals for next year and it’s time to start working towards them.  Moving to Florida was the right decision, but it’s been a lot harder than I expected.  It’s hard losing an awesome support system of friends and moving to working from home.  My average human interaction every day is either virtual or just Fella.  That makes you go a little crazy quickly.  I think I’m finally starting to come through the fog though. #backtowork #biggoals

Who doesn't want to plank after a Turkey Trot? #teamswimbikedork #Ihaveawesomefriends

Who doesn’t want to plank after a Turkey Trot? #teamswimbikedork #Ihaveawesomefriends

And for all you wonderful people up North….eat your heart out!  #floridawintersareamazing #ilivewhereyouvacation #shortsindecember

dogs in ocean

Pits are water dogs, right?


#HASHTAGHUMPDAY|A Work in Progress — 10 Comments

  1. I love your holiday decorations! Go nuts! Make sure to show us the blow up you get for the yard!

    That sucks with your family asking you having kids. Are they the type to get the clue or are they going to ask again at the next get together? 🙁

    Have you found any clubs there where you can meet some new workout buddies?!

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re going to get a clue. It will probably be the same onslaught at Christmas. Hopefully telling them to kindly back off two holidays in a row will paint the right picture though 🙂

      I found a local tri club that is awesome. They’ve been really welcoming, but I haven’t been able to make it to as many events as I want.

  2. It amazing how intrusive people can be and yet they think it’s totally okay to ask those things.

    I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy holiday decorating this year! Love your mantel!

  3. This is awesome!

    UGH people who ask about babies or baby planning. My response was often, “well we tried this morning” and then an obnoxious wink. Yep, I just told you I had sex. So there.

  4. There is not much more joyful than watching dogs play in the water – great picture! So, just to clarify…when are you having kids? Ugh! By the time I got married I think most people assumed I was too old so we were rarely asked.

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