Friday Favorites – Christmas Edition

Friday Favorites

It’s finally the weekend!  Thank goodness.  These weeks around the holidays just drag on sometimes.  Work is standing between me and Christmas cookies.  It’s a problem.  I also keep forgetting that it’s only a three day work week next week and then proceed to get excited all over again.  Everybody turns into a small child at Christmas!


My neighborhood is wonderful and everyone gets very into Christmas.  Most houses have lights up or inflatables or both.  My favorite inflatable in the neighborhood is actually what inspired me to start out own collection.  I love when people have a sense of humor.

Decapitated Snowman

Decapitated snowman for the win!


You better believe it’s from Love Actually, my favorite Christmas movie.


Fella and I will be taking the pups to the Annual Christmas Boat Parade.  Because this is Florida.  I haven’t been able to go since I was a kid and Fella has never been.  It’s going to be great!  You better believe that the monsters will be in full costume as well.  Now to see if I can get Orion to wear a Santa beard….



Okay, so technically I don’t know if they are my favorite since I haven’t made them yet.  But they look freaking fantastic.  You better believe that these will be made and eaten in the next couple of weeks.



How much do you want to bet that this person is from the Midwest?



So wrong. So so wrong.



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  1. OMG, that penguin & snowman inflatable is amazing. I’ve been coveting the light-up lawn T-Rex Santa from Target, but alas, this is not the year it joins my collection. (Unless it goes on clearance super cheap post-Christmas!)

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