Coffee Date – Weekend Catch Up


If we were having a coffee date….

  • I’d tell you about the amazing weekend getaway that Fella and I had this weekend.  We ventured up to Orlando to explore Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  It was his first time visiting which made it extra fun.  Things have been really stressful lately, so a relaxing weekend away was pretty much exactly what we needed.  Plus, I got to really indulge my inner geek at Harry Potter World!  Yes, I’m a nerd.  Yes, I’m cool with it.
Dino 1

It’s all fun and games until someone gets eaten. Also, we are terrible actors.

universal 2

#husbandsagainstselfies Fella humored me and let me take as many pictures as I wanted.

  • I’d tell you about how we’re “those” dog parents and took our monsters to get their picture taken with Santa.  I have no regrets.  If I were the kind of person to send out a Christmas card, this is what I would send out.
dogs with santa

I couldn’t possibly caption this picture better than the wonderful Mary from Runs to get Waisted, “Everything about this picture, from Koda’s goofy face, to the middle dog’s irritated side eye to Santa’s shady “could be on an episode of Dateline” face is amazing.”

  • I received my first Christmas present of the year and I think it’s going to be tough to beat.  My wonderful friend Kacy could not believe that I had not seen Gremlins, so he sat me down on Halloween to watch the movie.  I instantly fell in love and wanted my own Gizmo….and now I have one!

My new desk mate and coworker.

  • I would tell you about how I am stressing that there are only two weeks until Christmas and I am way behind on finding the gifts for my important people!  It’s been so bust this year that I lost track of time.  The next two weeks are going to be busy!





Coffee Date – Weekend Catch Up — 5 Comments

  1. I am way behind too, but it always seems to work out. The best “family” pictures are the crazy ones. I feel like Orion is just there for the treat 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that you took your dogs to meet Santa! Dogs have Christmas lists too, right!?

    The picture of you two with the t-rex is fantastic. I really want to take a trip to Florida and hit up all the major theme parks. Someday!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

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