Out of the Fog and into the Randomness

  • I’ve been laid up for the past few days with a nasty cold virus and I’m finally starting to feel like a real person again.  Thank goodness for doctors and drugs!  The worst of it came on Friday with the sore throat.  It was bad enough that I literally couldn’t swallow.  I had to just swish water around in my mouth and spit.  And yes, that’s as gross as it sounds. Fortunately, the doctor prescribed me some antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine.  #sayyestodrugs #ilovedoctorsCough syrup
  • Our house is still a mess from the move and I’m tired of unpacking.  I realize that this is the epitome of First World Problems.  Is it bad to just leave boxes unpacked for months at a time?  I’m sure that I’ll get to it eventually….or they’ll be packed for the next time that we move.  Either way, it’s fine.Unpacking
  • I have a short 30 minute run on deck for tonight.  Hopefully my lungs hold up.  If not, it will turn into a very enjoyable walk with the mutts.
  • Speaking of the mutts, I have a bone to pick with irresponsible dog owners.  First off, please keep your dog on a leash if you don’t have control over him.  Second, I don’t care how small your dog is, it’s not cute when your dog bites someone.  Fella and I were on a walk the other night in the neighborhood when we came across a couple with their dogs in their front yard.  The dogs were not on leash and rushed up to my dogs.  The larger of the two dogs had good social manners, but the chihuahua began snarling and snapped at both Koda and Orion.  The owner simple picked her up and laughed it off.  This is NOT okay.  Here are my problems with the above situation:
    • Fortunately, my dogs are dog friendly, but not all dogs are okay with all other dogs.  If one of my dogs had bitten either of the off leash dogs, it would have been their fault even though they did nothing wrong.  Koda would be in danger of being put down because of her breed.  Again, for doing nothing wrong.  They were both on leash and obeying all laws.  Allowing your off leash dog to bombard any other dog without asking first is irresponsible and asking for trouble.
    • It is neither cute nor funny when your small dog bites or snaps at my larger dog.  I can’t tell you how many people think it’s cute or funny when their small dog tries to bite Koda in particular.  Listen, it’s not cute for your dog to bully my dog or bite my dog.  It’s not cute when your dog draws blood on my dog.  If either of my dogs behaved that way, it would be unacceptable.  The size of your hamster does not excuse the behavior.  End of story.
  • All that being said, the monsters love living down here and cannot get enough of yard sun bathing and pool swimming.  They have both stolen my heart a little bit more this week with their extra cuddles and love.  Somehow they always seem to know when I am sick and under the weather.

    Pitbull with rope

    You’re too sick to play right now, so I’ll just play with this rope instead!


Out of the Fog and into the Randomness — 16 Comments

  1. Glad you’re feeling better!

    I’m pretty sure we still have unpacked boxes from our move. Which happened 12 years ago this coming May.

    I hear you on the other dogs thing.

    • That sounds like my kind of unpacking! I’ll just leave a bunch of boxes taped up to make it easier for next time!

  2. Crappy dog owners are the worst! Unleashed dogs and people who use retractable leashes (hopefully I am not putting my foot in my mouth if you use those) are my two insta-rage triggers. Both are incredibly dangerous.

    I am glad that you feel better!

  3. Hope that you are feeling better, but also give yourself time to recover!
    As for dogs and dog owners – YES! Also, don’t expect everyone to love dogs. Obviously people who don’t are totally weird (ha ha), but it’s so rude to assume/presume that everyone is ‘fine’ with your dog.
    Finally, good luck as you fully settle in and unpack and create your home.

  4. Man that stinks about the dogs. I’m sure if your large dog had reacted to the small dog it would have been blamed on you and the large dog which is totally not fair! Hopefully you can avoid those dogs in the future!

    We’ve lived in our current place since March and there are still things that we haven’t hung up on the walls or totally unpacked. I think it is time to do a purge again!

    • We’re almost settled, but I still don’t have stuff on the walls. I’m always worried that I’m going to put something in the wrong place and then just have a random hole in the wall.

  5. I have an epic rant about off-leash dogs, but I’ll save it. I can tell that you already know how I feel. And really, I just want to talk about how I laughed so hard that I snorted when I read that first meme! “Grape-flavored” medicine is the BIGGEST LIE EVER!!! 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better, girl, and sorry it took me over a week to read this post.

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