September Goals

It’s hard to come out of hibernation.  Each swim, bike, and run feels like I’m shaking rust off.  It feels good, but why is it so much harder to get back into shape!?  No one’s fault but my own…

September Goals

 1.  Cover my Training Peaks schedule in green.  The past few weeks have been hit or miss.  I’ve had some really great workouts, but I’ve also missed about half of my scheduled workouts.  Not great.  Put a crappy effort in, you get a crappy result.

riding with chris

I FINALLY got to meet up with my Team Amazing Day teammate for a long bike ride. She proceeded to kick my butt for the next two hours and I loved every second of it.

2.  Clean up my diet.  I was doing well for quite a while, but the stress and uncertainty of the last month or so has taken its toll.  That stops today.  I am signed up for a month long group nutritional course called Swim Bike Fuel.  I’m really hoping that the daily assignments and reflections really help me get to a better place with my relationship with food.  I really want to see my full potential with racing and I’m tired of having my weight holding me back.  I’m ready to deal with this and hopefully put it behind me.  Here’s hoping.

3.  Blog at least twice a week.  This is a great space that helps keep me accountable.  When I fall away from blogging, it generally correlates with falling away from training.  I promise to try and be interesting, but some days may just be a quick training update with adorable dog pictures.  Still a win.

fella wlking dogs

Fella is even getting on the health train!

What are your September goals?


September Goals — 8 Comments

  1. I always find that when I’m doing better with training, I tend to do better with blogging as well. But hey I guess I did better with blogging this week than the last 6 months 🙂 Hope you’re doing well!

  2. It sounds like your new approach to training (swim/bike/run heavy blocks) is working well for you. While I’ve never specifically done that type of training, I definitely had a lot of bike heavy weeks this year training (in part because I couldn’t run) and I think that it paid off. The bike is definitely my weakest point but I didn’t suck QUITE so much!
    I also feel like I should blog more, but then my life either is really busy or really boring.

  3. Haha, your September goals are so similar to mine! 🙂

    1. Get back into a good workout routine. Run more and start doing more pilates and things like that.
    2. Stop eating unhealthy. I’m either SO healthy or SO unhealthy, and my diet has really not been on point the last month (or two, phff). I know if I stick to being super healthy for 2.5 weeks it’s no longer hard for me to stay away from unhealthy stuff, so I guess; Be super healthy for 2.5 weeks to start things off.
    3. Blog more! And not just do super long week recaps at the end of the week.


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