Three Things Thursday

…I’m just going to leave this post here like I haven’t been gone for 4 weeks….

1.  I’m not dead.  Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back from things.  Between moving to Florida, Fella starting a new job, living with my parents, adjusting to working from home, trying to find a new place to live, and crazy work travel for both Fella and I…..things have been hectic.

2.  I’m taking a break from “longer” races for a while.  It’s all relative.  Racine (yes, a race report will be coming) was a hard race for many reasons.  I need to take the hint from life and slow things down.  I can’ train for a 70.3 properly while my life is up in the air.  It’s just not working.  That being said, I will be venturing into the Olympic distance triathlon and hopefully racing a half marathon as well.  My next 70.3 will be Ironman Florida 70.3 in April and I am going to have big goals.

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Oh, and I’m no longer blonde! Brunette’s have more fun!

3.  My coach and I are trying an experiment in the “off season”.  The normal triathlon training schedule is a smattering of all three disciplines every week in pretty equal parts.  This system is then put into a three week build and a one week step back.  So it eventually looks like this:



I am going to be trying out a different training style that will look more like this:

Capture 13Aug


Will it work?  I have absolutely no idea.  The thinking behind it is that I never feel like I can really hit a groove with any of the three disciplines.  This ends with me being mediocre in all three instead of really great at any of them.  This new training plan will really allow me to focus and make strides in each discipline without letting the other two suffer.  In theory, at least.

Happy Thursday!


Three Things Thursday — 11 Comments

  1. I feel you on the move – it is HARD, especially when everything is in flux. The only way I managed to train this summer was b/c I was on summer break. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to do it, more for the emotional energy that relocating took.
    I look forward to reading your Racine race report. I have heard that it’s a hard race, so stepping back after that and enjoying a different focus probably feels right.

    • I definitely underestimate what a huge undertaking the move would be. Never again!

      And yes, it was a rough race. I wish I could say that it was worth it, but I really would not recommend the race to anyone.

  2. Oh hey there! Glad you’re not dead yet. Do you feel happy? Sorry, I love me some Monty Python.

    Good luck with your new training schedule. Listening to your body and your busy life and taking a step back sounds like a most excellent idea!

  3. Moving and starting over fresh in a new environment can be really stressful. I hope you are adjusting well and taking time to relax and enjoy life in the midst of all the chaos! 🙂

    I will be really interested to hear how you like the new training schedule and how it works for you. I feel like I would enjoy making one sport the “focus” of the week and switching it up each week. I may have to adopt a similar strategy when I start training again post-baby, if it works well for you.

    • I’m only in week 2, so it’s too early to tell. That being said, I already like it better. I felt like I could really focus on my bike last week and saw actual improvements. We’ll see what happens though!

      And so excited that it’s almost time for you to meet your little one! It sounds like it hasn’t all been a walk in the park for you, so it’s exciting to have the light at the end of the tunnel be that close 🙂

    • I think blogging has its own ebbs and flows. I take short breaks and it helps. The one thing that I don’t want to do is just to post for the sake of posting, you know? I’d rather take a short break. And glad to hear that things are going well!

  4. Yay – good to see you again! With all you have had going on a step back had to happen. Little bummed I won’t see you at Border Wars, but it sounds like this plan is best for you 🙂 I am excited to hear about your experiences with some of the shorter distance races.

    • I’m really bummed about Border Wars, but it’s definitely the right decision. Sometimes the right decision still sucks though.

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