Brain Dump!

Here’s a big ol’ brain dump of what’s going on in penguin land…..

– I now live here:

oceanAnd I love it.  Yes, it’s crazy hot, but that’s okay.  I like heat.  I love having the ocean near and the sun shining every day.  I love not having a 45 minute commute every morning and afternoon across a two lane bottle necked bridge.  I love being near a body of water.  Did I already mention that one?

– Working from home is strange.  I love not having a commute, but the limited human interacting is strange.  It’s also difficult to have a clear line between work time/not work time….if that makes sense?  It’s really easy to keep working extra house just because my work laptop is available.  I need to figure out a better way to compartmentalize this.  At least my coworkers are cute!

koda and orion cuddle

Are you done working yet, mom?

– The dogs may love living in Florida even more than I do.

dogs in oceanKoda may never stop thanking us for moving to a warm climate near water.

– Race day is almost here!

racine count down

Unfortunately Fella can’t make it up for this race.  I’m not sure who is more upset: him or me!  Fortunately, my awesome friend Jessica and I will be make it an impromptu girls weekend!  Overall I feel pretty solid going into the race….which is good because I have some pretty aggressive goals.  Honestly, I’m ready for it to be here so I can stop training.  I feel like I have been training for forever while fighting life and I am ready for a break.  I need it.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. I can’t believe it’s race weekend already! I remember when you decided to do this one, and at that time it seemed like a long time away?! GOOD LUCK! KICK 70.3 MILES WORTH OF ASS!

    I want so badly to take my dogs to the ocean. For now, the creeks and swimming holes will have to do. 🙂

  2. Looks lovely. And it’s now stupid hot here, too, so you got out just in time. 😉 At least your hot comes with a beach! 🙂

    Good luck this weekend!

  3. I work from home and know exactly what you are talking about setting a clear line between working and not working. It’s easy to get distracted with household chores when trying to work, just as it is easy to work extra and not be able to close the laptop. I set specific hours in the morning (when I work best) and then give myself a little more flexibility in the afternoon/evening. It seems to work well for me. I enjoy my work, so if I have to do a little work in the evening or on the weekend, I don’t mind. Hope you enjoy and adjust to the new lifestyle.

    Yay race weekend!!! Go out there and kick some butt!!!

  4. Wow, it seems like this training cycle flew by. Of course, I wasn’t actually training so…

    Glad you are all so happy!

  5. Absolutely LOVE the picture of Koda and Orion in the ocean – such complete joy! You are truly inspirational in how you have kept training through all the craziness you have been going through. Looking forward to a great race report and lots of pictures 🙂

  6. Yay for loving your new place!

    I work from home a lot and am very clear about my start and stop time, and shut my computer off when I am not using it, and turn my phone off 😉 But, I work someplace where I have a start and stop time… do you have that, or is your work results based and not time placed?

    Have fun at your race!

  7. I am so jelly of your WFH situation! I loved having the flexibility of doing that at my last job. So glad you are enjoying Florida!

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