Tell Me Something Good Tuesday

– I didn’t die on my 50 mile ride over the weekend!  I finished the ride feeling strong and with a smile on my face.  It helped that I had two friends riding with me.  The mental aspect of a long ride is the hardest part for me and it really helped having company.  I would have been tempted to drop down to the 35 mile option if I had been alone.  Being a terrible blogger, I forgot to take any pictures.  The only mistake that I made was under-fueling.  Once I realize this and downed a few Huma gels and I was fine.  This was my first time using these gels and I really liked them.  It’s an interesting texture with the chia seeds, but I liked the texture much better than Gu.  Oddly enough, I can’t wait to ride long again!

"I wouldn't mind going for a bike ride,but I don't have any clothes that look stupid enough."

“I wouldn’t mind going for a bike ride,but I don’t have any clothes that look stupid enough.”

– My FitBit decided to die on me last week which had me really sad.  The customer service rep that I spoke to recommended that I reset it, but I couldn’t since my charger was a cheap knockoff version.  This is when FitBit showed its true colors….he offered to send me a new one for no charge!  I cannot speak highly enough of FitBit customer service.  All of my interactions with them have been positive and I love their product.  And no, I’m not paid to say this.  I just love them.


It’s Tuesday, so tell me something good!


Tell Me Something Good Tuesday — 17 Comments

  1. Yea for long rides!! And good company…that definitely helps chew up the miles.

    My something(s) good: I had my strongest finish yet in this past weekend’s bike race, and I have 10.5 days left in the school year!

    • Those are both wonderful things! It was my first long ride with people, so it was nice to see that I don’t hate long rides….I just hate being lonely!

  2. A) 50 miles! Holy cow! B) I totally agree about FitBit. They’ve replaced my little case over and over again over the years for free. Their customer service rocks.

  3. YAY for an awesome ride that flew by! I always feel that way about long runs. I get so psyched by them and nervous and they end up being much easier.

    Glad you had wonderful customer service. Always a plus to any day!

  4. When I ride alone, I get bored after 10 miles. But if I have friends to ride with, I feel like I could go forever.

    Something good…the week is halfway over!

    • Almost the weekend is always a good thing! And it’s funny how company makes the ride go so much faster 🙂

  5. Love that you didn’t die on your 50 mile ride 🙂 My “something good” is that the medicine transition is going pretty smoothly – yay!

  6. I’ve never experienced FitBit customer service personally, but have always heard nothing but good things. I had my Fitbit for over a year and had no issues. I actually sold it recently and got the Garmin Vivofit simply so I don’t have to charge it…because that part drove me crazy.

    50 miles is an awesome ride! Even during my half ironman training I only got over 50 miles a couple of times…it’s just such a long time on the bike. I have no idea how people do 100+ miles rides.

    Something good. I actually rode my bike yesterday outside for the first time this season…super lame to have waited so long, but at least I got on it. I have a race in like a month…haven’t ridden or been to the pool…hmmm…I see this not going well. And it’s the weekend after 2 solid weeks of work travel where I won’t be able to ride or swim…um yeah, not going to go well at least it’s a sprint.

    • I’ve considered switching to the VivoFit since I like the no charging, but I’m so happy with the FitBit that it’s ahrd to switch. Plus, I have a bunch of friends with the Fitbit which makes it a more appealing option for me.

      I want to work my way up to 100 miles, but it’s going to take a while. The bike and I are still working on our rocky relationship.

      And that is an awesome something good! Riding outside in tons better than the trainer. Next thing to conquer is the pool 🙂

  7. Great job with the long ride! I have to admit that the longest ride I’ve hit this season (pre-HIM) was 47 miles or so. I find that going longer with an organized ride or with other people is a VERY different experience from going it alone.

    • My longest before my last HIM was 40 or 45. I really want to work on my bike before the next one, so I’m trying to branch out and jump on some group rides. So far so good and I feel like I’m getting better, but we’ll see!

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