Five for Friday – Spring!


I’ve made the final decision to drop out of NOLA, so that means no Spring race for me.  I tried to take on too much to start with, but additional work and life happenings just make it a bad idea.  I’m happy that I am in a place to be able to recognize that fact and respect it.  It’s the right decision for me and I’d much rather kill a race later in the year than just cross the finish line.  That being said, I’ve got my eyes on 70.3 Racine in July.  That gives me plenty of time to ramp up my training and still works with my other scheduled races for this year.  Yay for having a goal again!


We found out last night that our newest foster, Lucy, is terrified of thunder storms.  The sky was very angry last night and almost immediately, she sprinted from her kennel and hopped right into bed.  The poor thing was shaking like a leaf.  It took her a good 45 minutes to calm down and realize that she was safe.  Poor thing.  This meant that we spent the night with a pit bull, a lab, and a Doberman in bed with us.  Good thing we upgraded to a king size bed!


Such a mean breed. #dontbullymybreed


I went rock climbing for the first time since January yesterday…which reminded me of why taking long breaks from rock climbing are a bad idea.  All of my callouses are gone and climbing with soft hands freaking hurts!  Oh and all of my climbing muscles are gone too.  Funsies.  On the plus side, my climbing buddy is kind of awesome and we just laughed at ourselves the entire time.

rock climbing {FOUR}

I’m supposed to be getting my wedding photos back today and I can’t wait!  I am having to restrain myself from emailing the photographer every five minutes asking him if they are uploaded yet.  Totally normal obsessive behavior, yes?


The weather this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous and I am itching to take my bike on her first long outdoor ride of the year.  The trainer has been helpful, but there is nothing like long rides and open roads to help heal the soul.


After my best ride from last training cycle. I was on top of the world!

Happy Friday!


Five for Friday – Spring! — 8 Comments

  1. My one and only attempt at rock climbing left me sore in so many unusual places. It definitely requires some unique muscles!

  2. Smart move on the 70.3. You’ve already proved you can DO it. Next time prove you can DOMINATE it! 😀

    What a beautiful Dobie. I pulled one from our local kill shelter two weeks ago and got him to a Dobie rescue in Knoxville. He was a doll.

  3. It’s always hard to make a decision about pulling out of a race, especially one that you’ve really been looking forward to (and training for!), but it sounds as though this was the right decision. And, as you said, you can focus on a later race and be REALLY ready for it.

    I am sorry to hear about the life happenings – sounds like a lot is going on. Hope that you got in a fantastic ride this weekend!

  4. I have only ever done indoor rock climbing but I loved it. I used to have a whole kit. Then life happened and I haven’t been in years. I miss it.

    Aw, poor pup and the thunderstorms. The king sized bed full of you and your pups made me laugh.

  5. Sounds like it was probably a good move with the 70.3. You’ve definitely had a lot going on and you will definitely kill the next one! I know quite a few people who have done Racine and have liked it. I have only done rock climbing once and it was in high school. I was not very good at it, but I have a friend who keeps wanting to go so maybe I’ll give it another try

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