You’re Not A Tree

This past weekend, I headed out to Boulder, Colorado for a triathlon training camp with the epic Team Amazing Day.  To be perfectly honest, I almost didn’t get on the plane.

Let me explain.

First off, let me say that I love my coach.  She freaking rocks my socks and has helped me improve greatly since July when I started working with her.  Me being terrified of camp has nothing to do with my coach.  Or my team.  It has to do with me (It’s not you, it’s me…).  It’s no secret that I’m no speed demon.  I am improving, but I am nowhere near where I want to be.  It’s also no secret that I’m no delicate flower.  All of a sudden I was flying to the place of endurance sport legends to train with people who were lighter and faster than me.  In elevation.

I felt like a fraud.  

I got on the plane anyways.  And I stressed.  And stressed.  I may or may not have threatened that I was getting back on the plane and going home.  I felt nauseated and like I had made a huge mistake.

Displaying IMG_20150213_183703.jpg

Perfect thing to text to my coach after I landed in Denver. God bless convenient gate placement.

But I stayed.  I hate to think that I almost let my complacency outweigh my desire to improve…and what I would have missed out on if I had accepted comfortable and good enough.  This weekend perfectly illustrated to me that the only place that magic happens is outside of your comfort zone.

Must. Leave. Comfort. Zone.

I get to rave about my coach here a little more.  What I will tell you is that signing up for coaching is one of the single best decisions that I have made.  Some people don’t need accountability, but I do.  It also helps that I feel like my coach and I have personalities that mesh well.  She’s all about eating well and improving, but she’ll also buy me a gluten-free Valentine’s Day cupcake (delish!).  That’s my kind of coach!  She increased the awesomeness by offering to pick me up from the airport.  As soon as she did, my stress levels started to decrease.  She has talked me down from many a ledge and tends to have that effect on me.

I started to remember how much hard work I have put in to training (lots).  I started to remember why I love the triathlon community (so much support!).  And I started to remember why I had originally signed up for training camp (really want that sub-6:30 half Iron).

And with one deep breath, it all came rushing back.

I love to swim, bike, and run.

That’s the beginning and end of it.

Apparently all it took was a leisurely dinner with my coach and her bad ass husband to remind me.  I was sitting with two of the fastest people I know (he got 36th overall at Kona!) and they were nothing but supportive.  They were the epitome of why I love the endurance and triathlon communities  I finally started to relax.  And that’s when magic happens.

Dinner after getting picked up from the airport. I don’t think she knows that she was pretty much talking me down off of the ledge.  Again.

The rest of the weekend was full of long trail runs, swimming technique, eating, strength training, track workouts, more swimming, more eating, and so much laughing.  I cannot say enough positive things about this amazing team of people who I am fortunate enough to call my own.  There was not a single bit of judgement the entire weekend.  There were plenty of awkward running drills accompanied by wonderful sarcasm.  These people spoke my language.  Everyone was there supporting each other and working on improving themselves.  Where my mind feared competition, there was only camaraderie.  It was enough to give a warm fuzzy to the Grinch.

Jazz hands post two-hour trail run!

It’s hard to go outside of your comfort zone.  It is, by definition, uncomfortable and unpleasant.  But you need to push those limits.

I have big goals for this year in both life and triathlon.  I want to live bigger and be better.  In order to even have a chance at that, I need to journey outside of my comfort zone.  All. The. Time.  This weekend was a good wake up call.  It’s easy to fall into a routine and to just go through the motions, but that’s not what life is about.  I want to live a BIG life.  I want to live life out loud!

Post track workout with Team Amazing Day and special guest, Josh. He’s hoping to get his pro card later this year for triathlon and runs like a freaking gazelle. He also has a 68 pack of abs. God bless swimming.

The sky is the limit and I refuse to accept anything less.  I need to remember not to qualify myself.  I am strong and capable.  I am a triathlete.  The fact that my time is faster or slower than anyone else does not change that.  Sometimes you just need a not so gentle kick in the ass reminder.

Happy Tuesday!


You’re Not A Tree — 19 Comments

  1. Sounds like a really wonderful experience – on so many different levels! I remember I did a bike clinic years ago and had so many of the same thoughts/worries/fears, but at the end of the weekend, I felt so lucky that I had committed to the clinic and stepped outside my comfort zone.
    You’ve made tremendous progress already as a triathlete, and it will be exciting to see you go chase your dreams!

  2. This is just fabulous. I’m so happy you had such an amazing experience!

    P.S. Is it weird that I read the title of this post in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice?

  3. I am blown away!! What a journey!! This is a much bigger group then we realize. You are living where magic happens and its only the beginning. Good on you for flying out, encouraging others, and being present. Big Hugs!!

  4. I am super, super happy you went to this. It seems like it was just what your mind, body, and soul needed!

    AND, I love your capris in the last picture AND dang girl, look at that calf definition!

  5. So glad you got on that plane!! Sounds like the perfect adventure to encourage and motivate you. Thank you for the reminder…I am not a tree…totally stealing that for myself!

  6. Atta girl! WTG! I REALLY need to follow suit and get out of my comfort zone more…I mean I have in certain areas but I need to get back to the pavement…the “me time” on the trails! Great job getting off the plan and following thru with your agenda!

  7. Great post! So fun to follow other peoples training journeys – it’s easy to write about the good days, but it’s so helpful to read about people dealing with insecurities in training – we all face them in some way or another! Sounds like you rocked it this weekend and I can’t wait to see you crush a sub-6:30 HIM.

  8. This post makes me so happy. I think you’re totally right. As scary as it is to step outside the comfort zone, it’s required for awesome things to happen. Good for you, so awesome!

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  10. This hit home for me. I love how raw and genuine your feelings were as you started this journey to how things ended once you went through the training camp. It’s amazing how fear and intimidation has the power to hold us back if we let it (I’ve been there), but how much stronger we become if we choose to overcome it. You made the right decision by getting on that plane and will only continue to grow from here on out. You have proven to yourself and others that you are much more capable than you might have thought. With that kind of determination, there is no doubt that <6:30 is in your future!!

  11. What an amazing opportunity!!! So glad it went well!!! You are going to rock your races this year! So proud of you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year!! Also congrats on the wedding coming up very quickly! 🙂

  12. Yay for getting out of your comfort zone! Yay for amazing coaches! Yay for pushing yourself and remembering why you love this! Seriously, this post is full of so much win. That training camp sounds awesome! You are totally going to get that Sub 6:30 Half Ironman, I have no doubt after reading this post. You have the will, and the fire, and the support. YAY!

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