Keeping Your Chin Up

I busted my hump this week.

I gave 100% effort.

I have been on point with my eating and nutrition.

I have hit each and every workout.  Hard.

And I got on the scale this morning hoping that the scale would reflect that.


The scale showed a 0.8 loss this morning.  I understand that it is still a loss, but I felt a little robbed.  I’ve been feeling strong and lean.  I was really hoping to see that reflected on the scale.  I left the house this morning feeling really deflated.

  And that’s okay.  It’s okay to feel down about progress being slower than you hope.  It’s not okay to let that derail your efforts.  I’m going to keep going and keep busting my hump.  Because my end goal is not a number on the scale.  My end goal is a successful and speedy 70.3 (and maybe 140.6 one day…).  Will a lower number on the scale help me?  Sure!  But my runs are getting faster.  My swimming is getting stronger.  My cycling is getting faster.

So this morning I decided that I wasn’t going to let that number control me.  It’s still a loss.  That number does not negate all of the positive things that I have been feeling.  I’m also going to start tracking my measurements so that I have a secondary tool that will help me see progress even when the scale isn’t moving.

What the rest of the house looks like as I toil away on the trainer most nights. Napping and cuddling.

In summary – weight loss is a long, slow journey that doesn’t always go according to plan.  Have faith and keep trucking.

Happy Thursday!


Keeping Your Chin Up — 6 Comments

  1. It is indeed long and slow! It took me nine whole months to lose 30 pounds. One pound a week is all I ever got for my efforts. But, like you, it wasn’t only about losing the weight, it was about getting faster and feeling stronger, so I couldn’t let it get me down.
    Yay for a pound!! And yay for feeling faster and awesomer!

  2. Sure a loss is a loss, but a whole lot more fun when it is a BIG loss. I can’t wait to see you race Border Wars! The fact that you can train at all with that couch full of cuddles is a serious NSV.

  3. I completely and whole heartedly agree (especially with the shooting the scale cartoon!). It does suck. It’s tough to work on keeping the right mindset – good job being honest with yourself and everyone else about how hard but important that is!

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