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I hit a mental block last week when I weighed in on Thursday.  I was doing great with both food and getting in my training…and then I stepped on the scale.  I hadn’t maintained over the holidays.  I had put myself back to about the middle of October.  I knew it was coming and somehow I was still blindsided.  I’d like to be able to tell you that I’m a strong enough person to be able to brush that off, but I’m not.  I’m human.  So while I still got my workouts in over the weekend, my eating was less than stellar.

Oh Hyperbole and a Half, how I love thee.

Even through the terrible eating, I kept tracking through MyFitnessPal and that brought me back to reality.  As poorly as I was eating in comparison to my normal diet, it wasn’t that bad.  So I just picked myself back up on Monday and brushed myself off.  Set backs happen.  Life happens.  The important thing is to not let a couple of days turn into a week turn into a month….you get the idea.

One of the biggest helps has been Fella.  He’s training for his first sprint triathlon at the end of February.  It’s been much easier for me to stay healthy when both of us want to keep the treats out of the house.  There’s been quite a few nights when I just wanted to sit on the couch, but he dragged my lazy butt to the pool.  Now that’s love!  I know that not everyone is lucky enough to have that support and I really do count myself as lucky.  It may also help that I am a significantly kinder person when I am working out.  Lazy penguin = grumpy penguin.

I feel like I’ve really started to hit my stride in the pool though.  My form still needs work, but it’s getting easier and more natural each time.  More objectively, my times are getting faster.  I am prepping myself to have my form and technique ripped apart in February when I head to CO for training camp with my coach.  What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, right?

In other news, it’s freaking frigid here.  Or maybe not news since most of you are in cold climates as well.  Stupid winter.  I miss being able to feel my toes.  On the plus side, only ten days till out cruise!  On the down side, my coach apparently does not accept “I’m on a boat” as a good excuse not to workout.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. It’s SOOOOOO much easier when your other half is also committed to exercising and eating well. Prolly the biggest reason I eat as clean as I do is because my husband doesn’t want junk in the house.
    Have fun on your cruise!

  2. I’ve living the opposite as you. Well, I still get the same delightful weather, of course, my my husband is the one leaving bowls of m&m’s on the counters and stocking up on chips. When I’m “on”, it’s not a huge issue, but when I get a chink in my discipline armor, I eat everything around.

    A cruise sounds lovely, and training camp sounds AMAZING. Too cool!

  3. I see how it is. I invite you to come to MS with me, but I get no cruise invitation from you. Rude. 😉

    I wish my hubby would join me in my efforts to be healthy. It would make my life so much easier!!!

  4. Isn’t it great when you have someone in your life who will push you toward greatness and support you. When it comes to swimming, I definitely need that extra nudge. I have never swam in the evening or later in the day – that would seem really weird because swimming really takes it out of me. You are SOO lucky to be going on a cruise. Does the ship have a pool? I’m guessing it has a track. So yeah, I guess I see where your coach is coming from. Mine would be the same way! ☺

  5. Having a spouse/partner who is supportive and takes the journey with you is so helpful. It makes me feel so bad when I hear people say their family or partner doesn’t support them! I’m so glad you have a nice Fella. 🙂

  6. That’s awesome that you have great support. My wife fully supports me exercising but she bakes a lot of pies, cookies, etc. I’m pretty good about it until late night. She did join my plank a day challenge and I joined her yoga class so that’s pretty good.

    That’s awesome you are hitting your stride in the pool and very cool you are going to Colorado for some real coaching. That will be painfully fun :-).

  7. Awh I am with ya my friend….Big hugs, and glad to hear you’re back on track. I’ve been a fat lazy slug this winter so far, and am determined to turn things around!

  8. FYI, Dirty Kanza has 25 and 50 mile options. Plus there a ton of spring gravel events in Missouri. The Rocheport Roubaix (multiple distances, I think 30/55/70) in February, Tour of Hermann (stage race, loops of 30 or 50 miles) in April, and Cedar Cross (either 40ish or 113 miles) in May. There’s also the Big River Epic (metric century, I think) in Quincy in March.

  9. We are such babies – enough of the cold already!! We talk about going to the gym/pool, but unfortunately we are both dealing with lazy butts at the moment. Glad your guy is keeping you honest 🙂

  10. Girl I understand you completely…things happen and like you said, you get back up and brush yourself off and he can be on. I hope you guys enjoy your cruise! Have a great time!

  11. I’m glad you have the support you need. It is wonderful! Just keep it all going. Consistency will get you the results and it doesn’t matter what takes how long. We are having quite a warm and much more humid than usual summer.

  12. I used to enjoy being out (as in running/walking) in the colder weather but you’re right; it’s been down right frigid lately to the point I’ve not ventured farther than walking the pups! You are truly blessed with a significant other who is not only supportive but working towards his own fitness goals as well. Thankfully I’ve at least got the supportive part from my hubs…just wish he were a lil more enthusiastic about eating healthier!

  13. Oh man. Having someone in the house that is being healthy too is super important!! To me eating healthy is the best way to save’re gonna eat anyway…so you might as well opitmize it haha:) Plus I think I am a little lazy and don’t always want to exercise.

    I LOVE that you go to the pool though–another hard one for me! I always feel like I’m drowning. Sounds like you’re doing so well!!

  14. A) Love the cake and B) Good luck running on the cruise! I didn’t mind the deck running but found the treadmill really disorienting on the ship. I’m doing it again next month and going to try to get off to run in whatever port we’re in as much as I can.

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