Eleven Days

…Until I get to be here…


 Christmas is the one holiday that I have never missed being home for and this year is no exception.  This year actually worked out better than expected.  Originally I only had time to go down for about 48 hours due to splitting of holidays and such.  But due to changes in life, both Fella’s parents and his sister with her family will all be in South Florida for Christmas.  That means that Fella and I get to go down for an entire week.  *happy dance*  Goodbye freezing weather!

Fella and I are bringing our bikes down with us since beach boardwalk > trainer.  Outdoors.  In December.  Love.  I love my bike, but the trainer and I have a tumultuous relationship.  Mostly a hateful and angry relationship.  Minus the fact that I can watch Netflix marathons with no guilt.  Silver linings.  Oh, and open water swims!  In December!  Be still my heart!

I’m slowly working my way back to balanced.  Having something to look forward to helps.  I did wake up yesterday though with whatever nasty cold is going around.  I’m feeling better today though, so hopefully I can get my run in.  Now if only I could stay away from all the baked good at work…

Happy Tuesday!


Eleven Days — 10 Comments

  1. Oh the bike trainer. Not my favorite thing. But it helps justify the road bike I pretty much only use on the trainer.

    Jealous of your trip to the warmth! Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

  2. That sounds great! It does feel strange to read about indoor training and cold weather for Christmas. The weather is one area where living here in Johannesburg is certainly a plus.

  3. Sounds like the perfect getaway! I am normally not a tropical girl, but I have been longing for something warm and beautiful this year. Be brave around the baked goodies at work..they are scary!

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