Cliché and Okay

I’m normally not big on clichés, but I make an exception for Christmas and New Year.

It’s is about being with family.  It is about a new start.  It is about reflection.

So I took a break from the blog and pretty much all social media.  I wanted to be able to really focus on being with my family in Florida and not feel chained to my computer and my phone.  It was very nice, but I’m back in action now!  Please give me some time to catch up on all of your blogs though!  Here are some highlights to catch you up:

Five people and three dogs. This was a miracle.

Fella and I had a wonderful week in Florida with both of our families.  There are a lot of different backgrounds and personalities between both families, so the fact that we emerged pretty much unscathed was a miracle.

Before they both were taken out by that wave.

Koda had an identity crisis and thought she was a water dog, not a pitbull.  I think that she was the happiest of everyone to be in the warmth of Florida.

Creepy playset!

I had the pleasure of catching up with two of my oldest friends over a night of good food and good wine.  I miss these girls dearly and can’t wait to see them in March again!  And, of course, we had to go play on the creepy playset at the end of the evening.

Finally done!!!

We finally got the wedding invitations done and in the mail!  It was quite a headache since the first printer severely screwed them up and they turned out red instead of blue.  So happy to have this off my to do list!

I was a terrible blogger though and forgot to take pictures of one of the best parts: riding my bike outside!  I’m not sure how I am supposed to convince myself to get back on the trainer now.  Stupid winter.

In other news, it’s less than 16 weeks to NOLA 70.3!  That means I get to officially say goodbye to off season and get my butt back in gear for training!  Works cannot express how happy that makes me.  I’m up about two pounds from Thanksgiving, but my original aim for December was just maintenance.  I plan on being much lighter by April!

2014 has been a wonderful and challenging year.  I have big plans and high hopes for 2015: a second 70.3, Fella’s first triathlon, and a wedding!  I wish you all a happy and wonderful New Year!


Happy New Year!


Cliché and Okay — 15 Comments

  1. I’m glad you had a nice holiday break! And congrats on the wedding invitations… those were frustrating to have to sit down, address, and then package them all up properly.
    Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year! I did NOLA a few years ago and had a blast. New Orleans is a great city with good food and great crowd support (assuming they moved the finish line back to the French Quarter and kept it there).

  3. Happy New Year to you! So many great things to look forward to in 2015! My “off season” was only three weeks long, and I’m so itching to get back to it, too!

  4. Happy New Year! Sounds like an awesome trip! I am excited to get to read your posts as you get ready for the NOLA 70.3. It really does feel like a fresh start when you get back into a training plan after an off season doesn’t it? Especially when it’s right after the New Year. Cheers to a great 2015!

  5. Happy New Year! That’s one of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes because really, doesn’t it just say everything about Calvin so perfectly? Jealous of your warm weather adventures!

  6. Florida seems like another planet compared to the wintery “wonderland” Denver has had, blah! So drooling over those awesome beachy pics. Glad you had a great time with the family and able to let the interwebs shut down for awhile (um…I so rarely blog or even check FB) and connect live.

    Yeah, I need to get my butt in gear too for April….we’ll have to be virtual kick our butts to get moving partners :). Nah, you’ll do great. Cannot believe how fast the wedding is coming up. Exciting! 🙂

    Thanks for your very kind note on my blog. Always makes me smile to see some long-ago names pop up :).


  7. Oh man, getting the invitations out is always such a relief. Good for you!

    Glad you had a wonderful trip with your family. Happy new year!

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