Bad News/Good News

I have bad news.  It’s Monday.

Ugh. Monday.

But I also have good news.  I get to leave for Florida on Friday!

Koda will be so happy to not be freezing anymore.

Bad news: I’m still in off-season.  I emailed my coach this morning to ask when my off-season is over.  I am not an off-season person.  Yes, I understand that they are important for many reasons, but I just lose all motivation.  Mentally, it’s important for me to have a well-defined end goal.  For example, 70.3 NOLA.  This is definitely something to work on in the future, but I am ready to end my off-season.

Good news: My coach likes to indulge my inner crazy cakes and promised to add a countdown to the end of off-season to my Training Peaks workouts.  Woot!

Good news: I’m feeling like a person again, even though I still have a bit of a cough and some minor congestion.  That means I get to return to training this week!  Thank goodness because I’m getting a bit cabin fever-ish with all the tea and couch sitting.  I do not do inactivity well.

Good news: I pretty much have the most adorable niece in the entire world.  She’s also kind of a badass and “accidentally” gave her very annoying cousin a bloody nose during her 3rd birthday party.  He was all up in her grill during present opening and apparently she hit her limit.  Don’t let all that pink and glitter fool you, she’s apparently got some hulk super strength going on.

She’s in pink, all the way to the right. So much fabric and glitter!

Interesting fact:  A year ago yesterday, I got this as an early Christmas present.

Insert cliché ring picture!

And now it’s getting close to the wedding!  We’re down to 82 days and there isn’t a whole lot left to do.  And God bless countdown apps!

Happy Monday!


Bad News/Good News — 14 Comments

  1. Sounds to me like the OFF Season was exactly what you needed. I say this because it has given you time to reflect, process, & look a bit inward. You have found some answers, you still have that burn, & you want to fly. That is so awesome!! Finding your mental spirit will give you the raw strength for the 2015 season. Safe Travels, Take Care Of The Body, & Come Back Stronger Than Ever. Free Your Mind & Your Feet Will Follow

  2. Aww! I don’t think I was reading your blog then and love seeing your ring!

    Yay for feeling better and being able to work out soon! It’s so interesting to me that you are so goal-driven and hate the off-season. I am often the opposite and don’t deal well with well, well-defined goals and plans! 🙂

  3. I love countdown apps, but not nearly as much as my husband. He gives me almost daily updates on how many days it is until Christmas, my next race, and our next two vacations (one of which is a year away still!). Travel safe!

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