Get Your Gobbler in Gear!

 And with a new month, comes a new challenge!

QUINOA (1)And with a new challenge, comes new goals:

1. Get under 200 pounds

Totally doable.  I just need to stay motivated and maintain my focus.  And yes, now you know how much I weigh…ish.  I’m still owning it!

2. Push-up and Planks.30-day-push-up-challenge-chart

A chunk of us are completing a month long push-up and plank challenge.  This is not only going to be great from strength, but also for dedication.  It;s good to have something healthy to do every day.  Side note, push-ups are freaking hard!


3. 10, 000 steps/day average on FitBit

This will take some effort since my training isn’t all running based.  The extra walk breaks during work will be good for me mentally and physically.

4. Walk the dogs a minimum of 4 times/week

What do you mean I’m too chunky? NO MORE TREATS!?!?!?

Walking the dogs gets harder after daylight savings ends.  It’s cold and dark.  Plus, we have a big backyard, so it’s easy to skip the daily walks.  Our lab is on the chunky side though and a walk can’t be replaced by running out in the yard.  Hopefully this motivates me to get out of the house with them.

Koda is happy that it is finally sweater weather. Can’t you tell?

There is still time to be a part of the challenge!  You can email either me or Desiree to join.  I promise, we’re kind of freaking awesome.  Not that I’m biased or anything.

I’d like to say that I started this challenge strong and energized, but I’d be lying.  It was a rough weekend with far too much food and far too little movement.  I did get to meet an awesome fellow challenger though!  But that’s what Monday’s are for, right?  Brushing yourself off and starting over.  Now to just get my head on straight.

Happy Monday!


Get Your Gobbler in Gear! — 22 Comments

  1. Love your goals! We are going to help you crush them! Thanks for suggesting the plank/push up challenge…you are right, push-ups are so hard! Can’t wait to report that I can do one 🙂 It was great meeting you Saturday.

    • I love the fitbit. There are a bunch of other really good trackers on the market now, too. I hear awesome things about some of the heart rate monitor built in ones.

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  3. I did a Tour de France push-up challenge a couple years ago, committing before I realized just how many miles were in the TdF. It was HARD, but now I can do some pushups.

    On a different note, I’m excited that I’ll (hopefully) get to meet you at the Skippo!

    • I’ve tried this, but I have weird dogs. My pittie will play fetch, but lab refuses to bring the ball back. Which ends up with me chasing him around the yard. But I guess that’s exercise for both of us!

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