Stay Away from the Tricks and Treats Challenge Wrap Up

October has truly been a huge month for me.  A quick recap:

– I murdered my first 70.3 (This seems forever ago!)

– Fella kicked butt in his first 10K

– Pam and Kim came to town to run STL RNR.  Oh, and I set a new recent PR.

– I began to really own my journey and stepped outside my comfort zone.

It has been a jam packed month!  One of my favorite things about this month has been our little renegade challenge gang.  These women have helped me stay motivated and sane.  I mean, I stopped eating peanut butter cups for these women.  That’s love!  Even better, everyone wants to keep the group going for next month!  Who wouldn’t want a challenge to keep them honest with Thanksgiving coming up?  But, back to the October Challenge.  Let’s see how I stacked up to my goals:

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1. No Halloween Candy

A++++.  Is there anything higher than that?  I wasn’t entirely convinced that I would be able to stick with this, but I did!  Even with candy in the house all month!  It was an interesting experience and made me realize how often I would have reached for a small candy snack without thinking about it.  I’m happy to add candy back in my life, but it will be much easier to do so with moderation.  You better believe that I enjoyed one of these this morning though…

Never have words been more true.

2. Win my Diet Bet!

A+!  I still need to do my final weigh in, but I’ve been consistently weighing in under my Diet Bet goal weight for about a week.  My overall weight loss since I started is now 20 pounds!  That’s a freaking toddler!

3.  Log my food everyday on Fitbit!

A.  I switched to using MyFitnessPal at the beginning of the month (you can link it to your fitbit account!), but I did pretty good with this.  I missed two days while I was in Napa, but I’m pretty happy with 94% of the days being logged.  Being able to see what I’ve eaten for both the day and the week are really helpful for finding patterns in my eating.

4.  No excess spending!

I’m giving myself a B+ on this one.  Overall we did pretty darn good, but I definitely could have spent a little less in Napa.  Did I really need to bring back 6 bottles of wine?  Probably not.  But I’m okay with it.  We really cut down on a lot of things that we didn’t need and it made me really aware of where our money was going.

5.  Limit eating out to once a week!

I’m actually giving myself an A for this one even though we ate out more often than once a week.  I ate out a very small number of times considering the nuttiness that we had with my BIL in and out of the hospital, having to watch my adorable niece and nephew, having people in town, having our foster dog get adopted, and traveling.  It would have been a lot worse if I hadn’t had this goal.

All things considering, I’m really freaking happy with how this Challenge went!  I didn’t get all of my goals, but it helped keep me on the right track for both weigh loss and a healthy wallet.  The challenge really evolved from Desiree and I worrying that no one would join to being an awesome group of people who really encouraged and inspire each other!  I really couldn’t have asked for anything more.  I even get to meet a challenge member, Anna, in person tomorrow and cheer her on while she goes for a new 10K PR!

Now on to the next challenge….Get Your Gobbler in Gear!  If you’d like to join in, please shoot me an email at  We’ve got some awesome new goals and even a push-up/plank challenge!

Happy Halloween!



Stay Away from the Tricks and Treats Challenge Wrap Up — 10 Comments

    • Nicely done! Anyone who makes it through Halloween month with no candy deserves a huge pat on the back. Now if I asked you to go without beer for a month….

    • Nicely done! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I still have to try some of your paleo recipes though! The pizza is next on my list.

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