Wordless Wednesday – T minus 4 days!

Sh*t just got real.


It’s probably a bad thing that I am going to go buy my tri shorts today after work, right?  There is no minute like the last minute!

Also, if you have any triathlon tips, please share!  I am out of my mind nervous even though it is “just” a sprint and not my big 70.3!

Happy Wednesday!


Wordless Wednesday – T minus 4 days! — 9 Comments

  1. Good luck! You will do great. Maybe have a couple goals. Like an overall time goal and a goal time for your transitions and if you were me a goal to stay upright on the bike ;). Have fun!

  2. Even though it’s a sprint, lube up. Get some Aquaphor from Walmart (the baby section usually has larger packages used for diaper rash). Apply it anywhere you think you might chaff.

    Mentally prep for a swim panic attack. If it happens, stop, tread water, enjoy the skyline and the fact that racing makes you feel alive, then continue.

    You’ve got this. No doubt.

  3. Good luck! Chicago would be AWESOME! Just remember to have fun. The swim is almost always the worst part. You will get nervous. Don’t freak out..you know you can do it. Like someone else said if you do get that nervous panic, just tread water or even roll onto your back for a minute. Catch your breath and you’ll be fine. Good luck! Oh and remember to take off your helmet before you start running…I’ve seen that a time or two 🙂

  4. You will do great! Think about always “hurrying” it’ll get you in and out of transitions faster. Even when you get out of the water, hurry to the bike then hurry to the run.

  5. Are you kidding??? You are going to be fantastic!!! Simply enjoy the day, forget about time, say hello to all the volunteers, be present and your body will follow. Thanx for posting your bib number and look forward to hearing about your weekend. Stay Strong Kid

  6. Good luck! Since this is your first one, I agree with the advice about taking in the experience and enjoying it. I still remember the “magic” of my first tri – will probably never be able to repeat that experience!
    One thing that I did for my IM was write down everything I needed to do for T1 and T2 – I put these “instructions” in a plastic baggie so that I could read them. I now wish that I had done this for my first few races, because there is a lot to remember for a tri and I almost always forgot something!

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