TTT – Birthday Edition!

1.  Not my birthday, but Fella’s birthday!  I don’t mention him on here terribly often, but he’s the man behind the blog and who really makes everything possible.  He’s my biggest cheerleader and my best support in my both life and in training.  When I have to drop everything at home for a week or a month due to training or traveling, he picks up the slack and makes sure that the house doesn’t burn down and the dogs gets fed.  Words cannot express how happy I am to have found him and how excited I am to be with him for the rest of my life.  It’s amazing to me that I found someone to be my partner in crime and who will match or beat my goofiness.  Who else would go on all my insane adventures with me?

This picture embodies why I love this man….wine and telescopes!

From one of our many four wheeling trips…which is why we are muddy.

2.  Fella’s birthday gift…..a bike!  Now we can enjoy something together that we both love and that is good for us.  He’s so excited about his new baby that we even went out in the drizzling rain for a short ride today.

Chris Bike

His is in the front and mine is in the back. They do not match on purpose, I promise!

3.  And for today’s weigh in….down 0.6 pounds!  Which I realize is a small number to get excited about, but it’s going in the right direction and I am okay with that.  There will be weeks with big losses and weeks with small losses.  That makes for 12.4 pounds total!


This has nothing to do with weight loss, but I have a couple of wonderful grapefruit sized bruises coming in from my first encounter with clip in shoes. I’m interested to see what pretty colors they turn in the new few days.

Happy Thursday!


TTT – Birthday Edition! — 12 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday to the fella! Love the matching bikes (even if it was unintentional). As for the bruises, there is a reason I haven’t ventured into the land of clipping in quite yet lol.

  2. You may be muddy in that picture, but that is the prettiest photo I have ever seen of you! That one should have been in your 5!

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