Just Another Manic Monday


I had about three posts that I had ready in my head to put up last week that just didn’t happen.  It ended up being a crazy busy week which included me jetting to Minnesota for work on Wednesday night, heading back to St. Louis on Friday night and being home for literally 10 minutes before heading out to Metropolis, IL (home of Superman!).  And now….pictures!

I love my coworker. She introduced me to these when I stayed with her for Grandma’s Marathon. They are like crack.

What happens when you ask the nice pizza delivery guys to draw a dinosaur.  Not pictured: giant pizza that we devoured.

Day trip up to Duluth to visit the site of my last marathon. It’s a much different city without a cloud of fog, but I was very thankful for the fog and cool temperatures on the day of the marathon.

It was nice to return to this spot. So many good memories.

It wasn’t all fun and games though. Coach still had workouts for me. And selfie or it didn’t happen, right?

And then it was time to head home for about ten minutes before starting the trek to Metropolis to finish my SCUBA certification.  I would, without reservation, recommend this to anyone.  It was so much fun to get certified and I am crazy excited to be able to dive in different places around the world.  Having the freedom to explore underwater is like nothing else.

A good way to kill time between dives is to take awkward selfies. Bet you didn’t know that.

Fella was my personal paparazzi.

The weekend ended with two exhausted divers and me with a shiny new certification!  As much work as it was to get certified, it was worth every minute and I can’t wait to go to Hawaii in a couple of week to test out my new skill!  Until then, I need to focus on my first sprint tri that is coming up this Sunday.  How the heck did that sneak up on me???

Happy Monday!


Just Another Manic Monday — 16 Comments

  1. Cookie chips sounds amazing. I think if they are like crack, I better avoid them…I already have enough crack like food items…lol…why do we have to love food so much??

    Are you doing Rock and Roll or Mo Cowbell this year? I’ll be doing both.

  2. Congrats on your cert!!!! 🙂 We are thinking about going to Mexico this winter and I am excited to dive again and use my GoPro (I would just use the day cert if they have that).

    I didn’t know Grandma’s had that painted at the finish. FUN!

    • Sent you an email, but we went through The Great American Diving Company and they were fantastic. Highly recommended!

  3. Good luck on your race…
    Seeing these pics brought tears to my eyes. Duluth…where I grew up but haven’t been back to in 20 years. Crazy…yet I can’t wait to cross that finish line next June!!!! <3

  4. I love your busy life! I think you thrive on it. I know I do and it is so worth it. The more you do the more energy you get for it all. Being fit is obviously a winner.

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