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1.  I am tired.  I have no idea how you morning people do it.  I was up at the crack of freaking dawn (correction: it was pitch black) to make it to the pool this morning before work.  It was a solid workout, but who are these people that say that a morning workout “invigorates” them??  I want to curl back in bed.  Are they on drugs?  Can I have some?  It also doesn’t help that I have rock climbing with friends today and a dinner afterwards.  Coffee IV, please?

This is me in the morning. On a good day.

2.  I’m new to this whole triathlon thing, but can anyone help me with the horrible things that goggles do to my face?  Are they supposed to do that???  Keep in mind, this picture was about ten minutes after getting out of the pool.  Can someone please tell if my goggles are just too tight or if this is normal!?  Also, please ignore the sleepy eyes and the creepy van in the background.  Apparently I was about to be kidnapped?

3.  I stepped on the scale this morning and…..down 1.4!  Woohoo!  I know for some people that isn’t a lot, but I like my slow and steady method.  It matches my running.  That brings me up to 11.8 total.  I’m especially pleased with this since I was not on my best behavior for the weekend.  8 million oatmeal raisin cookies from Costco?  Yes, please!



Anybody who knows me, knows that I am head over heels for my monsters.  I have a special place in my heart for my Koda-butt.  She is my pittie and my breed ambassador.  She loves to be the little spoon and is always up for a game of fetch.  The worst thing that has happened to her in the last month is that her brother shredded her baby (a stuffed moose).  This week, Huffington Post is celebrating #PitBullWeek!  I love that they are picking this up and being an advocate.  If you have a chance, please check it out.  There are some great articles and there is a lot of educational information.

“Roar! Mom, I’m a dinosaur!”…or…”Yawn!  Mom, I’m tired!”  It’s all about the caption!

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Oddly, I can only do morning workouts. Once morning passes, I’m no good. Googles do that to me most of the time too. I’d loosen them a bit and see if that helps. When you loosen them and they seem too loose and water is getting in, try pulling the strap up on your head. In other words, I loosen the strap and instead of it wrapping directed around my head behind my eyes, I angle the strap up. Hope this helps. Have fun and good luck!

  2. I have trouble with morning work outs too. Mainly because I like to stay up late.

    What kind of goggles do you use? Maybe try some wider ones with more surface area or loosen them until they leak the tighten them a tad.

    • I’ve tried other ones, but they all leak. I wanted the foam ones because I hear they don’t do this as much, but they leak terribly on me!

  3. Mornings are the best! Haha, but I grew up with a running dad that kicked me out of bed at 4 AM every day. I don’t know how people can sleep late…

  4. I work out in the mornings because it’s the only time I can. I am slower, though and it takes me forever to wake up. and, yeah, I’m usually all “why did I do this?” But then when I get home after work and realize I don’t have to run late at night after the kids are in bed I remember why I run in the mornings.

    What kind of goggles do you use? I think the puffiness is normal but if you don’t like it you can try a different pair. I’m impressed you don’t still have swim cap line. That’s always my worst, that nice line across your forehead that doesn’t go away for at least an hour. HA.

    And yay for pitbulls! Love the pic!

    • Umm…is it bad that I haven’t invested in a swim cap yet? It’s on the to do list. My hair is hating me for it though.

  5. I think the AM thing you get used to … or you don’t. LOL! I’m a morning person so while I’m tired when I first get up, I do feel good after a workout. The goggles – totally normal. 😉 Great job on the weight loss!

    • Thanks! And it’s so nice to hear that it isn’t just me on the goggles. Maybe one day I will become a morning person! It’s so freaking early though!

  6. Another insane person here. I don’t sleep much so its rather easy for me to get up at 4am to workout. Its the only private time I get before the house wakes up and the madness of morning routines begins.
    I love seeing my daily goal on my polar saying 100% even before 7am.

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