TTT – Loving My Life

1.  Meet the newest addition to my household and long lost love of my life…

New Bike

Isn’t she beautiful? I may be obsessed. I also may be broke now.

Now all I have to do is sell a kidney to pay for it.  Triathlons are expensive, dude.

2.  I had weigh in this morning and I’m down 1.4 from last week!  That brings me to 8.2 total!  *happy dance*  Doing a 70.3 is going to be a lot easier with a little less heft on my frame.

Weigh in 3July

Some people are brave enough to put their weight on the internet. I am not quite that brave…yet.

3.  I completed my first swim workout for tri training!  I realize that this shouldn’t be a big deal, but I may or may not have had a minor panic attack beforehand.  What if the other kids don’t like me?  What if the other lap swimmers laugh at me?  I’m such a big baby sometimes.  As luck would have it, I was the only lap swimmer for the evening and I was able to really just relax into the workout.  I really just need to learn to get out of my own way sometimes and forget about what other people are thinking.  I need to channel my inner Pam sometimes:

Pam message

And this is why she is one of my favorite people ever.  Can you come visit already?

Happy Thursday!


TTT – Loving My Life — 10 Comments

  1. Ha, love Pam’s advice!

    Hello lovely bike! I’ve thought about attempting a sprint tri but I don’t have a bike or the funds to get one. My current bike is my husband’s old mountain bike. Thoughts?

    • I say for a sprint tri, you are fine! It won’t be as easy as a road bike, but it will get the job done. I have been saving for this one, but check used bike stores and craigslist. They have really good options!

    • I may or may not be madly in love with it. Fella kind of walked in on me and her spooning. Very embarrassing.

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