I’m not dead!

Please tell me you get that reference!  If not, watch the above clip.  Like right now.

SCUBA hasn’t killed me and neither has my insane schedule of this week.

Sorry for the language, but this is hilarious!

So I’ve made it to Friday and I’m alive!  A little worse for wear, but doing okay.  I ended up missing my one strength training workout on Tuesday, but considering my schedule I am pretty darn pleased with that.  My bike and I spent a lot of time together on Tuesday and Wednesday.  And my butt was sore!

Morning ride

90 minute ride done before work: check! Self righteous feeling: check! Huge pain in my butt: huge check!

I can even prove to you that sometimes I wear nice clothes and look presentable!  Sometimes.  Don’t get used to it.

Joint Bach

Love my work girls!

And due to the debauchery that followed the above picture, today has been a bit rough to say the least.  That being said, I still sucked it up and got in both of my workouts.  Who am I!?!

working out

Cue attempt at taking a proof picture at the hotel gym. Fail.

And no good workout or work trip is complete without some gratuitous pool side relaxing.  After all of my laps were completed (hi coach!).

pool side

Traveling for work does have its perks.

Sorry that this post is all over the place, but my brain is fried.  It’s exactly 8:02 pm and I am getting ready to curl up in bed.  And I am oh so happy about it.

Happy Friday!


I’m not dead! — 10 Comments

  1. Serious props for sticking it out for that crammed week! I think the travel would have thrown me right off, especially with as beautiful a poolside as that picture shows. Go you!

    • Ah! I just found out that I leave for Europe for work tomorrow. That’s not even fair! I would love to go see this in a real theater.

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