0…I have zero days left until I start tapering.  The taper officially starts today and I am crazy full of anxiety.  I in no way feel ready to run a marathon later this month and it scares me.  But I feel like no matter how much I prepped, I would feel this way.  I know how difficult a marathon is and that makes it worse.  On the flip side though, I know that I can complete this and how good it will feel to cross the finish line.


18…days left until Grandma’s Marathon.  When did that happen!?!  I feel like it should still be months away, but somehow it’s already June.  *hyperventilating* Time to start checking the weather with an unhealthy amount of obsession.

22…days left until my 27th birthday.  I’m not one to put a whole lot of stock in aging and numbers, but I will say that it’s strange to think of being 27.  Sometimes I’m still 23 in my head….although I really don’t want to go back to being 23.  Now.  Now is good.
82…days until my first triathlon up in Chicago.  I’m using it as practice for my Half Ironman coming up in October.  Hopefully it goes well and I fall in love with the tri!

87…days until Fella and I leave for Hawaii!  I just booked this yesterday as a celebration trip for his 35th birthday.  American Airlines was having some great deals on flights using miles and I just couldn’t pass it up.  I have been dying to go to Hawaii for ages and Fella has been dying to go back (he lived there for a couple of years).  Can you say motivation to stick to my weight loss plan?!

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. AHHHH I loved Hawaii! My friend was working on Maui a few years back and Is tyaed with her for two weeks. LOVED IT! Can’t wait to go back with Hubs who has never been.

    Tapering SUCKS! You would think we, as runners, would love running LESS but nope. Tapering makes me nervous, too. You are not alone!


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