TTT – Lost, Found, and Lazy

1.  First off, penguin happy dance!


Today’s version of happy penguin is happy Snoopy. Because Snoopy is awesome. Case closed.

So far so good on my weight loss journey.  I weighed in this morning and down an additional 2.4 pounds which makes for 6 pounds total!  God bless my Fitbit.  This thing is so freaking motivating and good at keeping me accountable.  I know it’s not the right fit for everyone, but it’s perfect for me!

Weight loss 5June

According to Fitbit, I am 12% to my goal!

2.  I realize that it may not be the best idea to try a new shoe out so close to a marathon (16 days exactly), but I like to live on the edge.  I’ve seen a good number of bloggers reviewing this shoe and it piqued my interest.  Even though it looks freaking hideous, it sounded comfy so I decided to take a chance and order it.  I haven’t worn the shoe for many miles yet (I’m not that stupid), but so far I am really liking them.  They have a lower heel drop than I am used to, but not by much.  I am really liking the cushioning and the way they make my gait feel, if that makes any sense at all.  Will keep you updated as to how they work out.

NB Shoe

I love the way this shoe feels….I hate the way this shoe looks.

3.  I literally have the laziest dogs in the entire world, apparently.  Fella indulges me, if you haven’t noticed.  Thus, he set up web cam so I can check in and spy on the dogs during the day.  Because, you know, crazy dog lady here.  They literally do nothing.  The most they move it to go from one couch to the other.  Lazy bastards.  It’s strange though.  As soon as it hits about 4:30, they start getting antsy.  I don’t know how they know, but they know when it is time for us to come home.  Lazy and smart.  A great combo.

Dogs sleeping

Forgive the lack of quality. I’m not spending money to spy on my dogs. Even I have limits. Sometimes. Okay, Fella said no.

Happy Thursday!


TTT – Lost, Found, and Lazy — 5 Comments

  1. Ha! I love that you are spying on them and that they are being so lazy! We had a camera set up for our cat for a few years, and I loved peeking in when I was away at school. I took a lot of screen shots of him doing naughty things 😉

  2. YES to a doggie cam. That is awesome!

    AWESOME JOB with your weight loss. Go you! And I’ve heard it’s hard to lose weight when marathon training. Way to show them!

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