Three Thing Thursday – Randomness Defined

First off, thank you for all of the wonderful comments on my last post!  I especially appreciate the support of posting my time even though I won’t be qualifying for Boston anytime soon.  As a very brilliant Meghan said, “A mile is a mile is a mile.”  And dammit, I am proud of all 26.4 of the ones I ran!

1.  It was my birthday yesterday!  Woot!  It was very nice to cap off 26 with 26.2 miles and a shiny new PR.  Although I’m not a huge birthday person, it was a wonderful day and I felt very loved.  And it may seem childish to say, but I am not a fan of this whole no presents thing as you get older.  C’mon people!  27 is just as exciting as 10!  I think that’s just me though.  I’m the girl that still requests that my parents hide the Christmas presents till I go to bed because I like that they just magically show up.  A little way to keep some childhood wonder alive.  Fella has many endearing and wonderful qualities, but gifts are not one of them.  If I married him for that, then I have made a grave mistake!

2.  Post Marathon Blues.  These are legit.  I kind of thought they were just a thing that people talk about, but they surely aren’t.  There is this build up over months and months and then all of a sudden, it’s gone.  I’m a bit listless.  I’m glad that I have a very awesome camping trip coming up this weekend that will help keep my mind busy and distracted.

3.  Speaking of, I leave this afternoon for my annual camping trip!  So if you need me, tough luck.  I will have zero cell service and will be loving every damn second of it.

Happy Thursday!




Three Thing Thursday – Randomness Defined — 9 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday! We started a tradition of breakfast in bed for birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when we had kids and kept that tradition going. It’s a present of going out of your way to do something nice vs. buying something. We recently started making home made cards too. Saves a couple bucks and makes you write something nice, which as an engineer of few words, is much more of a challenge than running out to Walmart. Start your own traditions and have fun.

  2. Happiest of birthdays to you!!!! I hope your camping trip is a blast!
    And yes, PMB are truly a real thing…give yourself some time, this too shall pass!!

  3. Hey! Happy Belated Birthday! Have a great camping trip, it looks like an awesome place from the picture. Thanks for the shout out ^_^ You should be proud of every single mile, and 26.2 is a lot of them!

  4. I hope you had a fun camping trip!!!

    Happy belated bday! I agree that the no presents things is BS! 🙁 And I agree about the post marathon blues… that’s why you need lots of races on the calendar. LOL!

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