Planning Fails

I think I’ve made it pretty obvious that I am not a morning person.  This tends to sabotage me more often than not.  And that is why I am sitting here doing this:

Chilling on Couch

Currently having my own marathon of Psych!

Instead of this:

Tulip running

Run Penguin, Run!

Because of this:

Weather 7June

Stupid mother nature.

And the second that passes, I will be heading out the door in these:

NB Shoe

Seriously loving these shoes. Now if they could only make them slightly less hideous.

And getting my run on.  One of these days I will actually become a morning person.  Maybe?  On the plus side, with my long run being “only” 15 miles tomorrow, I have a bit of flexibility.  And wow, those were words I never thought I would say.


Guess which one is me.

Happy Saturday!


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