TTT – Games, Goofballs, and Gateway

1.  The awesome people at Gateway Pet Guardians decided to celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Moth by taking everyone to a Cardinals game this week!  I love helping with the dogs regardless, but this was definitely a great perk.  Plus, we had wonderful seats!  Yay for free date night with Fella!

Cards Game

The only downside was that we lost in extra innings.

2.  Speaking of Gateway Pet Guardians, we have a new foster in the house!  Meet Ruby!  She’s a great little mixed mutt who has spent way too much time in the shelter, so I decided to spring her for a little bit.  She celebrated her first birthday in the shelter last week and it broke my heart.  So if you happen to know of anyone looking for a great running partner, let me know!

Ruby chewing

Ruby: likes long walks on the beach…..and bones.

3.  And in keeping with the general theme of the day, Gateway Pet Guardians is putting on a 5K run this Sunday and somehow I magically convinced Fella to run it with me and the pups!  It will be Fella’s first race and he is a little nervous.  I have no doubts that he will do well and have a blast!  Plus, I will be there with him every step of the way.  (And as an added bonus, it give me company for 3.1 of the 14 miles that I have on schedule for the day!)

 Gateway Pet Guardians 5K-9

Happy Thursday!


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