Photo Dump…

…although I’m not entirely certain how that is different from any of my other posts.

Ruby - IG

Still loving my foster. I can’t understand how she doesn’t have any apps in on her yet! Any recommendations on how to get this beauty adopted?


My latest kick has been hot tea at night in place of late night snacking. So far so good. And it helps that I have all of my favorite mugs.

Dogs walking 3

Pretty sure that I was the safest person in the entire neighborhood the other evening on my walk.

Ice cream sundae

This may be my favorite part about long runs: dessert! I try not to splurge all that often lately, but I think 15+ miles deserved a sundae. And yes, it was as good as it looks.  Guilt free!

Fit Bit Long Run

Still LOVING my Fitbit. I wore it on my long run with my Garmin. It’s not terribly accurate on mileage, but I still find it super useful. The steps are great, but I am finding that I really love the platform more than anything else. Will do an in depth review at some point soon, but want to really break it in first.


Long run 15 miles

15.33 miles done. I know that many people are faster, but I was quite proud of this. I have a really hard time with keeping a steady pace so I’m really happy with my splits overall. This gives me some solid hope that I won’t completely die at Grandma’s marathon next month. Maybe.

I meant to take a picture or two on my long run and even one after, but all I was thinking about was getting home and in an ice bath!  They hurt so good!

Happy Monday!


Photo Dump… — 9 Comments

  1. Can we talk about the cherries on your sundae? You’re my new best friend for adding a whole bunch!

    Long runs most definitely require treats. Go you kicking that 15 miler’s butt! Those look like awesome splits to me!

  2. Great job on the 16 miles! You’ll be fine at Grandma’s just make sure you start slower and work on negative splits. 🙂

    LOVE all the doggies!

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