It’s here!!!

So I have been going back on forth about getting a Fitbit for probably a good six months now and have held off on buying one.  I wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, honestly.  After talking to a number of friends that have one, I finally caved this week.  It came in last night and I am kind of in love already!


Simple and unobtrusive.

The Fitbit Flex is the one that I bought and it tracks your progress towards 10,000 steps with lights that light up.  There are five lights total (1 light = 20% progress).  As you can see, I am slacking a bit today.  Yay desk jobs?  You can also change your goal higher or lower, which is nice.  I’m hoping that it will give me some extra motivation to get up and move during the day at the office.  Running is great, but so is moving the rest of the day as well.  Fitbit also offers a pretty good platform for calories tracking and weight loss.  The database isn’t nearly as comprehensive as a My Fitness Pal, but it’s not terrible by any stretch.  It has a pretty great mobile app, so I have very few gripes thus far.


Calories burned, water tracking, calories tracking, and calories in vs calories out (adjusted for weight loss goals). Pretty nifty stuff.

Wanna hear my favorite part?  You can link up with friends and see how you are comparing to others with steps.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of really competitive sometimes.  Win!  Between my pride and my competitiveness, this is right up my ally!

As I said though, this is literally the first day that I am using it.  I’ll keep you posted on how I like it overall.  I have high hopes for it!

Oh, and please go check out this comic from the Oatmeal.  It kind of made my morning.

Happy Freaking Friday!


It’s here!!! — 8 Comments

    • I do like the sleep tracker. It definitely shows why I wake up so tired all the time. I am such a light sleeper that I wake up ALL the time!

  1. I have had a Fitbit Ultra for over two years now and I love it! I clip it to my bra every morning, it is a habit now. The few times that I have left it on the charger I do my best not to take very many steps, it seems like a waste when I don’t get credit for them ;).

    • I didn’t think it would make nearly as much of a difference, but it really does! On the day that I was close to 10k steps, but not quite there, it made me go for an evening walk!

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