Monday Musings

Life has been nuts….thus the lack of posting.  Here is what you missed in some kind of order….

– First and foremost, the world lost an amazing man this weekend and my heart is broken.  Needless to say, it’s been a rough week.


Feliks. Dearly missed.

In his memory, the rest of this post is about things that make life awesome.  He would have liked that.

– A couple of weeks ago, we fostered some adorable puppies for my rescue and I fell in love with them.  And even better, they both got adopted by wonderful families!  Koda decided that they were her puppies and loved playing mama!  It was so stinking cute watching her with them!

Puppy collahe

Warning: adorable pictures of puppies and the pitbulls who love them!

– Training has been rough on my schedule, but I’m really proud to say that I have been sticking with it.  I started adding hill repeats to the schedule last week.  One word: painful!  My legs let me know that they are not used to hills.  In good news though, running is getting easier.  Five mile runs are no longer killer and my legs no longer hate me all the time.  I’m starting to get stronger and gain confidence in my ability.

Art Hill

I swear it is significantly bigger than it looks!

– I used to love running alone.  It was my “me time”.  I got to unplug and just focus on myself.  But all that has changed.  It is now our “girl time” and I can’t imagine not having my faithful Koda by my side.  It’s much easier to remember how to love running with a smiling dog by your side.  She’s a constant reminder to me of how to love life and the little things.  Who wouldn’t want to be crazy happy over things as simple as a run and a snack?

Koda Long Run


– In exciting news, my brother has started a blog!  He’s related to me, so of course he is awesome (but I digress).  He’s conducting a sort of social experiment.  For the most part, everyone knows that the news is skewed.  Sensationalism running with reckless abandon.  But it never truly tells the story of any person, place, or thing.  No place is all bad.  The world is not black and white.  My brother, Paul, is out to explore this hypothesis in some of the more sensationalized places in this world: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran, Mali, Eritrea, Burundi, and the Congos.  In my own personal opinion, I think he’ll find that he’s correct.  Regardless of where you are in the world, there is good.  That all being said, please go check out his blog: Beyond the Headlines!

Sibling jumping shot

This is the normal way that siblings take photos, right?
On the sand dunes in Namibia.

– And while I realize that I have an excessive number of dog photos on my blog, I am adding two more.  Somehow my baby girl always knows when I need a little bit of extra loving.  She decided to protect mom while I was resting on our hammock yesterday afternoon.

Koda in Hammock 2

Cuddles will make you feel better, mom.  Please don’t be so sad.

Koda in Hammock

I’ll just lay here and protect you. I make a really good blanket.

Happy Monday!

PS – I’m giving you two pieces of homework today.  First, hug someone today.  I don’t care who.  It’s kind of better if it’s someone random.  And two, tell me something that is making you love life today!



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  1. Smiling dog pictures make the world a better place. I have an extra empathetic (sp) dog who always knows when I need some extra snuggles. Just love it!

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