Mind Games

First of all, thank you all so very much for your condolences on my last post and for sharing the things that make your day and life better.  It cheered me up very much!

On to other things…

Most days, I really love running.  Truly.  And even if I’m not really feeling the run at the time, I can count on one hand the times that I have regretted a run.  That being said, running is not easy for me.  I’m not really a graceful gazelle.  I’m a little more like the infamous Moon Moon.

Moon Moon strikes again!

So after a very long day yesterday, the last thing that I wanted to do at 7 pm was head out the door for a 6 mile run.  Yes, I should have run earlier in the day, but I had been up and moving since 6 am and I really didn’t want to wake up at 4:30 am for a run.

I have learned a small mind trick though to help the whiny voice in my head.  This is what my mind sounds like on runs like this:

Okay, I’m in the zone now!  One mile down, five more to go.  Which is really four miles and change.  And I can do four miles.  Four miles is easy.  Four miles is almost half way.  That’s “barely” more than a 5K and I love 5K races*. 

*ten…ish minutes later*

Woohoo!  Only three more to go.  And really it’s only two and change.  That’s nothing.  It’s a stroll in the park.  That’s only one mile almost and I can certainly do one mile.

*more time passes*

Why isn’t this run over yet!?!  I had a mile to go ten minutes ago and now I have two miles!?!  Well, that’s almost a mile.  Almost home.  Just. Have. To. Get. Home.  

*more time*

Last. Mile. I can do less that a mile.  That’s nothing.  I have to run almost a mile to get home anyways.  Oh and I have dinner waiting at home.  Sprint, girl!  Sprint for dinner!

I’m very happy that no one can hear the inside of my head because I think they would have smacked me around four minutes into my run.  Overall, it was a great run.  I kept up a good pace and finished strong.  Sometimes it’s the little victories in life…like getting in your six mile run on a random Wednesday.

Am I crazy or does anyone else these play mind games on runs???

Happy Thursday!

*This is a lie.


Mind Games — 13 Comments

  1. When I don’t feel like going out, I always choose an out-and-back route vs. a loop. Then I only count the distance to the turnaround point. So for a four mile run, I tell myself I only have to run two miles then I can go home. If you leave off the part about needing to run back home, it makes the run seem much shorter.

    • I wish I could do that! Out and back makes things so much nicer. Unfortunately, when I run in my neighborhood, I only have so far that I can go before I hit major roads/traffic, so it’s a lot of loops. I’ll need to put a pic up on the blog of it. It’s insane how many mini loops I run!

  2. I totally play mind games on runs. Any run over about 3 miles ends up with me convincing myself to “run just one more block” or signing ## Bottles of beer on the wall. ;o)

  3. Yep, I play mind games all the time. I often calculate how many more songs I’ll get to listen to based on how many minutes I have left.

    I also procrastinate starting many runs. Once I get out the door, I usually love running though.

    I missed your last post. I’m very sorry for your loss.

    • I’ve done it based on song as well, but when I head out the door so late I generally run without music. I feel safe running with my dogs, but I still think it’s safer to be on alert with my ears too!

  4. Oh, yes! Definitely a mind game player. Right now, I usually cut my run in half, and then half that — for a ten mile run: “5 miles is half way. 5 miles, is easy, I can do that! And look I’m already at 1.8 miles, and that’s almost half of 5 miles.” Somehow that pushes me along. 🙂

  5. Previous people have said the same thing, I defintely try to figure out how many songs I have left to go before I can go home. And I do lots of out and backs, too and convince myself it’s way less mileage than it actually is. We are a strange lot, aren’t we?

  6. Girl, mind games are the only things that get me through my whole life sometimes. Lol! Great job on fighting the inner voices that want to go back to sleep. I battle them daily myself. 😉

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