Tuesday Tidbits

– Last week was my first official training week for Grandma’s Marathon and I killed it!  You know it’s been a bad year thus far when Week 1 of marathon training is more than January and February combined.  Still a win.  It may have helped that we finally have some decent weather at the end of the week.  I even got to go for a runch*!  Bring on Week 2!!!  (I’m less certain about Week 3 since it involves hill workouts :/ )

Long run Good weather

From my long run. Yes, that is a sleeveless shirt. And yes, that is me smiling like crazy.

– Friday night ended up with more miles than planned.  I brought home a temporary foster for the night to give her a break from the shelter.  Unfortunately she bolted out of the door on Fella and the rest of the night was spent running around the neighborhood trying to get eyes on her.  Fortunately she was not gone for very long and was back at the rescue, safe and sound, but Saturday afternoon.  Not really looking forward to ever having that happen again.

Found Whitney

We made a celebratory found flier!

– This is a terrible picture, but I had to cave last week and use the treadmonster over at Fella’s brother’s house.  I was tired of not being able to feel my face on runs.  His new dog, Jorge, has not quite figured the treadmill out yet and kept an eye on me during each and every one of my runs.  A couple of times he tried to hop on with me which would not have ended well.  A 125 pound dog flying into me at 5.5 mph?  No thank you!

Jorge Treadmill

Jorge, the newest member of the dog pack. 125 pound lapdog.

– The brother of my good friend has two wolf hybrids who just had an accidental litter of puppies (long story).  That being said, they are so freaking cute!  I went and visited them last week when they were about 4 weeks old and the cutest little fluff balls that you have ever seen.

Wolf collage

So much cuteness.

Happy Tuesday!

*A run during lunch while at work.


Tuesday Tidbits — 4 Comments

  1. LOVE the idea of a runch. At first I thought it meant brunch after a run which would also make me happy.

    Nice work on your first week of training. The dog eyeing the treadmill makes me laugh. My own pup was totally freaked out by ours. She would hide in the other room and shake. I think it was the noise more than anything. It was OLD and LOUD.

    • You had me at brunch and a run! Two of my favorite things!

      And the second dog is even funnier. He’s bigger and terrified of the treadmill! It turns on and he goes running. Yes, a 140 pound monster of a dog scared of a treadmill. It’s so freaking funny!

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