On the Right Road – Tuesday Tidbits

– Two weeks of marathon training down and so far, so good!  I’ve hit all of my workouts and I’m finally feeling my legs start to come back.  My long run on Sunday felt like I was flying…and I was on a treadmill.  That doesn’t happen to me on the treadmill.  Ever.  It was awesome.  Only downside?  The only treadmill that I have access to is at my future BIL’s house.  And I foolishly went to go run around dinner time.  Having to run on a treadmill while watching people eat delicious and buttery potatoes is not fair and should be illegal.  Seriously.

– I am nervous about sticking to my training this weekend.  I have a 5 mile run on deck for Saturday and 7 miles for Sunday.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is that I will be heading to DC to visit friends on Thursday evening and will not be returning until Sunday afternoon.  Historically, I am terrible at keeping to a training plan while traveling.  I have made sure that my friends know my training schedule though, so I have some built in accountability.  Any other recommendations for how to get runs in while on vacation?  Or any great DC running recommendations?

– We had wonderful weather on Saturday which involved a lot of hanging out with the dogs outside on our brand new hammock!  Yes, Fella and I may have procrastinated in cashing in our “free hammock” coupon that my parents got Fella and I for Christmas.  Somehow my procrastinator ways no longer shock people.


The good life.

Koda with stick

Every single time we are outside, Koda finds the biggest stick in the yard to chew on.

– Orion makes me take my rest days seriously.

Sleepy Orion

All the best running books recommend a warm puppy blanket for recovery.

– I may or may not have mentioned it, but I kind of signed up for a Half Ironman completely “by accident”.  It’s new, local, and looks like a freaking blast: the Border Wars Tri.    It’s not till October, but they have a fun set up of East vs West.  I just got my Team East shirt yesterday and it just made me that much more psyched!


Team East all the way!

Happy Tuesday!


On the Right Road – Tuesday Tidbits — 10 Comments

  1. Great job on training so far. I travel for a living, and indeed, it’s very difficult to stay on your plan when you’re on the road. It takes mental toughness more than anything. Make sure you plan safe routes in DC, and use the treadmill if necessary. The toughest thing for me when I’m on the road is my diet. Good luck, and good training so far!

    • Unfortunately I won’t have access to a treadmill, but I should be able to map out routes beforehand so that I have a good lay of the land. God bless mapmyrun! Worrying about food about food out there is a whole different story :/

  2. “Having to run on a treadmill while watching people eat delicious and buttery potatoes is not fair and should be illegal.” Mine is those Saturday morning runs where you are barely a few miles in and the smell of bacon is wafting through the neighborhood.

    • That’s not even fair….like 7th circle of hell not fair. On the other hand, having bacon waiting for you at the end of a run is a great motivator for me! Mmmmm….bacon….

  3. You get a little overzealous and overexcited! They had a really good price for the first day of registration plus lots of free stuff. I couldn’t help myself!

  4. As for running while traveling, you have to set aside the time and do it. It sounds easy, but it’s not. I travel a lot and I tell colleagues I travel with that I’m running after work and if they want to go to dinner earlier, go ahead without me.

    I hadn’t heard of that local 70.3 and I’d love to do it. I need to talk to the boss and see if she will put up with the long rides again.

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