TTT – Stairs, Planes, Puppies, and Winter (Oh my!)

1.  Kick ass February has temporarily been put on hold due to my general lack of coordination and grace.

Koda Protecting Tiina Icing

God bless my Moji knee ice pack.  My little shadows that wouldn’t leave me once they knew something was wrong. He’s harder to see, but Orion is on the floor in front of the ottoman.  

I’m the only one that I know who can do this much damage going *up* the freaking stairs.  Yes, I said up.  Really!?!  I stepped wrong, turned my ankle, and then rammed my knee into a stair.  Real Ms. America grace, I tell you.  Oh, and of course this happens days before heading out to San Francisco to visit my brother.  I’m talented like that.  It’s been a few days and is healing.  My ankle is tender, but not too bad.  My knee still kind of looks like a bruised orange.  Sexy.

2.  Before demonstration my superior coordination, I was actually rocking my plan to kick it in gear for February.  Which was amazing seeing as the weather on all of my runs has been pretty sub-par.

Freezing Rain

A stroll in freezing rain to enjoy the gray skies. Any takers?

I’m really proud of sucking it up and getting out there though.  Not the easiest of runs, but with my first marathon in a long time coming up, I need all the mental toughness that I can get.

3.  We had to drop the monsters off last night since out flight to San Francisco leaves right after work today.  Which means that the house last night was way too quiet and I’m kind of going into withdrawal.  I love my little minions and the house just doesn’t seem right without them.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our friend that we dropped them off to and I know that they are in extremely good and capable hands.  Doesn’t necessarily make it easier.

  So here are some gratuitous pictures that make me feel better…

Office dogs

The best coworkers that a girl could want.

Three on Dog Bed

Fella decided that napping on the dog bed sounded like a good idea. Yes, that is the biggest and most comfortable dog bed ever.

Orion Runners World

Mom, I’m *so* much more interesting than this month’s issue of Runner’s World.

Happy Thursday!


TTT – Stairs, Planes, Puppies, and Winter (Oh my!) — 5 Comments

  1. Have a great trip! Hope your gimpy leg doesn’t hinder you too much while you’re there. 🙂 I recently found a new pupsitter for my mongrels, and they and her dog are so awesome together. This last time she sat for them, when I picked them up she refused to take my money and made an offer instead: sit for HER pup when she needs a sitter as a trade off! I get to keep him for the first time Saturday night. 🙂 I should not be this excited. lol

    • Ours is very similar! She actually started as our dog trainer, but now she’s just a great friend. Makes it so much easier to leave them behind!

  2. Enjoy your trip. It makes me sad to drop off my dogs too.

    It’s been awhile, mostly because I don’t have stairs now, but I’ve fallen up stairs before on my life. It’s really not just you! Hope you heal up quickly.

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