What day is it?

Hump day!  Which means one day closer to heading down to the Sunshine State.  Friday cannot come soon enough.  We’re heading down for a quick trip to see a the wedding venue.  Wish us luck!  Life in general has been insanity.  Last week was our quarterly Board of Directors meeting which translates to early mornings, late nights, and crazy stress.  On the plus side, I have the most awesome coworkers on the face of the planet and they all come into town for Hell Week.


Stealing roses and getting 6 people into a selfie? Oh yeah!


God bless company dinners. So much delicious sushi!

Even better, I’m making good on my promise to kick ass this February even with the terrible weather!  Yay me!  This mainly involves me getting home from work and trying to curl up on the couch…at which point Fella literally lifts me off the couch and kicks me out of the house to go running.  Why did I get engaged to him again?  Now that’s love.  I can tell that my runs are slowly getting easier.  I’m using the Galloway method right now of 2 minutes running to 1 minute walking.  I’ll screw with the ratio once I feel myself getting into better shape.  I’m still behind where I need to be, but I’m moving in the right direction and that’s something.  Progress!

Purple Tights

Super crappy weather = a needed boost from my favorite purple running tights.  And yes, I am incapable of matching my socks as well.

I’m really crossing my fingers that Spring shows her head soon.  I’d love to be able to feel my nose at the end of my run one of these days.

And because we all know that I can’t publish a post without my monsters.

Cuddling on bed

My favorite image ever to walk in on. Puppies loving on dad.


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  1. I love the purple tights! And sushi! And the pups! Ok, I love it all.
    Nice work kicking February’s ass. And it will never, ever, ever be spring. At least that’s the way it feels right now. Sigh.

  2. I’m thining the sunshine state is Florida (I’m too lazy to google it). I hope you didn’t mean So Cal because all we have had is rain the last 3 days! Love the purple tights and I think the green socks match nicely. 🙂

    • Last time I was in California all it did was rain! Fortunately I did mean Florida and we ended up with perfect weather! Just put the post/pictures up right now. Stay dry!

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