The Day Before Half Priced Chocolate Day!

I’ve never really much been in to Valentine’s Day and that hasn’t really changed much regardless of if I am in a relationship or not.  I feel like you should show love on all days, not just when Hallmark tells you.  That doesn’t mean that I’m not going to brag about having the best Valentines in the entire world.  But if you read this blog on any regular basis, you know that I brag about them all the time anyways.

V Day collage 2

Yes, I love them more than bacon. And yes, I like really super love bacon.

My mom sent the BEST and strangest Valentine’s Day card ever.  I love it.  Duh.

Vday Card from mom

I know you’re jealous.

Yesterday was super beautiful….50* and sunny.  Today?  Not so much.  Here’s to layering up and dressing warm!

Snow Ugh

Yay wintry mix and 20*???

And for an extra laugh, Koda….the worst photo taker ever.

Koda photo bomb

I swear she’s just about as coordinated and awkward as I am.

Happy Friday and Valentine’s Day!


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