Three Things Thursday

1. I have two of my old basketball friends are doing awesome things in the world.  They are biking the ENTIRE 300 miles of the Potomac.  In March.  Can you say BRRR?!  They are doing this to raise money for two fantastic organizations:

– Bridging the Watershed – an outreach education program that promotes student academic achievement, personal connections with the natural world, lifelong civic engagement, and environmental stewardship. (

– AdmitLink – a brand new college access non-profit that trains community organizations and mentorship programs about the college admissions process and is looking to expand into Washington, D.C. (

If you feel the urge, please donate.  Every $10 is super helpful and for an awesome cause.  You can find more information and how to donate here:

2.  I went and did outreach with my volunteer group, Gateway Pet Guardians, this weekend.  I though volunteering at the shelter was rewarding, but this is on a level of it’s own!  We helped save a couple of dogs and helped quite a few more than that!  I just can’t believe how some people treat these animals.  Two of the dogs that we stopped to feed were living in an abandoned house because the family up and left.  Without the dogs.  The dogs are still living in the wrecked house because it’s all they know.  And now one of them looks to be pregnant.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?

My favorite guy from the day. He was so stinking happy to have a dog house and be off of his heavy chain and on a normal tie out. He didn’t even want treats, just love!

3. I’m sorry that this post doesn’t have more running in it.  I know it’s an excuse, but it’s just too darn cold.  Who wants to wake up at 5:30 am and go running in feels like -13*?  Not this Florida girl!  I’m putting a deadline on my wimp-ness though.  Once we hit February 1st, it’s game face on.  The weather should be more bearable and, even if it’s not, I can suck it up.  I have a marathon’s ass to kick at the end of June!

Happy Thursday!


Three Things Thursday — 3 Comments

  1. That sounds like an amazing program. I truly don’t understand how people can be so heartless.

    I’m right there with you on the running. I’ve been messing around long enough. Time to get realz.

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