Three Things Thursday

1.  Going along with my goal to volunteer at least 3 times per a month, let me tell you about my location of choice to volunteer currently.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m kind of a huge dog lover.  I volunteer at a local rescue called Gateway Pet Guardians.  They feed and save strays from the East St. Louis area which is notorious for being one of the worst places in the country for strays.  We have a tiny shelter, but we have approximately 200 dogs in foster homes.  Our shelter only hold 8 dogs, but sometimes we have up to 12 if we need to (like during the freeze last week….dogs can’t survive -30* weather).  We generally adopt out 30-50 dogs per month, give or take.  Fella and I volunteer at the shelter by feeding, walking, and loving on the dogs.  It’s super rewarding and I have no regrets about getting involved.  GPG Whitney

Whitney. She is one of our newest additions and is still super shy around people. She’s going to make a wonderful pet for someone one day!

2.  Fella and I have actually been doing some wedding planning (shocking, I know).  We think we may have a venue and possibly a date.  Which is very strange and overwhelming.  I really appreciate all the commentary from you guys though!  It has been very helpful.  I’m not a wedding person, so it is really nice to hear advice.  We definitely want something small and beach side.  It’s about the people and the joy, not the details.  The biggest thing that everything keeps stressing is to not skimp on the photographer.  Pictures last a lifetime!

3.  I’m off to Phoenix this weekend for work.  While work is rarely thrilling, I am excited about getting to enjoy this kind of weather….



And possibly seeing this girl….

The world blog famous EMZ.  Color me excited!

Happy Thursday! 


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  1. Super jealous about Phoenix! We went last year in early Feb and it was magical to get out of the frozen tundra. Plus, it is one of the most awesome places I’ve ever been. I just LOVED it. I thought it was so beautiful. I hope you have some time to get out an enjoy it since you’ll be there for work. I know on my work trips I never get to do that…bummer.

    I would agree with everyone else on the wedding photos. I did a small outdoor ceremony and had my brother in law take pics. He did a nice job, but was not a photographer and it’s still one of my biggest regrets 9 years later. So yes, that’s where to splurge for sure. I am obsessed with wedding dresses. I watch that dang “Say Yes to the Dress Show” every time I can. LOVE It!

  2. Ahh have a safe and lovely trip! And kudos to you, seriously, for volunteering your time and love with those furbabies! It was so rewarding when I did it as well. Maybe one day I can get back to volunteering myself.

    No suggestions for wedding related stuff. I’m not big on em either. (yea, Han and Leia action figures were our cake toppers…) LOL

  3. YAY for warm weather! I don’t know who EMZ is but she looks pretty bad ass!

    I’m impressed with your volunteering. I would be tempted to take all the dogs home with me.

  4. Funny wedding story. We didn’t have any money so we went cheap and got married in a park. Anyway, my wife use to get really nervous in front of people so she wanted a short wedding. We had a pastor marry us and when planning we walked through the ceremony. For each section my wife asked if that section was necessary. Every time the pastor said no, she cut it out, by the time we were done, the ceremony lasted seven or eight minutes. Some people were still getting settled when it was over 🙂

  5. Few things I have ever done in my life give me as much joy as spending time with a shelter dog. I took one to a race yesterday and to Petsmart and then she tagged along on a transport run for another rescue dog… I had her from 9am until 7:30pm and literally cried when I had to drop her back off. I wanted so badly to bring her fuzzy butt home with me!

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