Settling in to 2014

I realize this is a bit day late and dollar short.  All the 2014 posts go up in the first week of the New Year, no?  Well, not me.  I wanted to live with my goals for a bit before really settling on them.  This would allow me to really see how feasible they are.  I won’t put them all on here, but I will share some of them.  Oh, and I’m tracking them all in an excel sheet, month by month.  Yay for nerdiness!

Plan for an Awesome 2014


– Hit my first goal weightwhich is officially 40 pounds away.  Once I hit this, I can choose to keep going or maintain.  It’ll be a game time decision.  

– Run 1,000+ miles…should be totally doable, especially with marathon training.  This averages out to approximately 84 miles per month.

– Complete a triathlon…I have been dying to do a triathlon for ages.  This is the year for it.  I’ve even been eyeing half iron man distances because go big or  go home, right?

Hit a PR of 4:45 in the marathon…I have one chance to do this in June (Grandma’s Marathon).  I know that 4:45 is super slow for some of you, but it will be an awesome time for me.

Run a PR in the half marathon…My current PR of 2:12:11 is super dated (2008).  I know that I can beat this as long as I keep my training solid and keep up with my weight loss.


Set a wedding date…I know that most girls are all about planning, but that’s not me.  We are both excited to get married, but less excited about the planning…and the cost!  Weddings are freaking expensive.

Visit at least 5 new places…I swear there is a travel bug gene in my family.  If we stay in once place for too long, we implode or something.

Volunteer at least 3 times per month…Let’s be honest, it’s really easy to be self absorbed.  Like scary easy.  I don’t want to fall into this trap.  Three times a week should be more than easy enough.

And that’s more than enough to keep me busy!  I’ll be stealing the format-ish of people like Tonia at Racing With Babes in order to maintain accountability.  Bring it on, 2014!!!

And because no post is complete without it, my office mates for the day with my new and favorite coffee cup….


My favorite reasons to work from home.


Settling in to 2014 — 8 Comments

  1. Planned my wedding in 5 weeks. It was great and inexpensive. Somehow I got my cousin to let us use their beautiful house. They took pity on our poor souls and paid for a small amount of catering and the rental of folding chairs. My MIL loves to bake so I asked her to make my cakes as her present to us, and my mom used to be a florist…so guess what I asked her to gift me 😉 It was small (40+ people). It was fun. Just don’t scrimp on the photos. I did and really regret it.

    good luck with all of it! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

  2. You can definitely have a great & fun wedding for not-so expensive. Just keep in mind what is important to the two of you and don’t worry about doing other stuff that others may think is typical! Happy belated 2014!

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