January Recap

January has been a busy month.  I may not have run a whole lot, but I still got a lot done.

I got to meet up with these awesome folks while in Phoenix for work…

And I didn’t even black out your name, Pavement Runner! (Long story)
The amazing Emz, Pavement Runner, and Jen of various blog and Instagram fame.

I got to do some good in the world and helped out some four legged friends….

Our newest rescue. She has a very hurt leg and would not have lasted on the streets for much longer.

Now on to the recap:

Goals for 2014

– Hit my first goal weight (42 pounds, if you must know)  I’m down 2.5 pounds.  Which isn’t a lot, but it is a step in the right direction.  Especially considering my lack of movement this month due to me being a big wimp when it comes to the cold.  I’ll take every loss I can get!

– Run 1,000+ miles – Huge fail.  9.57 miles.  But, like I said in my last post, January was my one month to slack off.  As of tomorrow, it’s on, baby.  I’ve got a goal to hit and a marathon to train for!

– Complete a triathlon – I’ve been keeping this under wraps, but I kind of, sort of, accidentally signed up for a Half IronMan in October.  Whoops?  It’s a brand new race in my area and they were running a fantastic deal on the first day of sign up.  I’m kind of terrified, but also crazy excited.  I will take any and all advice!

– Hit a PR of 4:45 in the marathon – In progress.  I still think it’s a long shot, but I like to aim high.  I have one chance to do this in June (Grandma’s Marathon).

– Run a PR in the half marathon…My current PR of 2:12:11 is super dated (2008).  I know that I can beat this as long as I keep my training solid and keep up with my weight loss. No progress on this one.  I guess i have to find a race, huh?  Maybe November?


– Set a wedding date and, oh yeah, plan a wedding – I still suck at this, but we are heading down to Florida at the end of February to check out a venue that I’m kind of in love with.  That will give us a place and a date.  Progress!

– Visit at least 5 new places – San Francisco next month with Fella to visit my brother.  One down, four to go!

– Volunteer at least 3 times per month – So proud of myself on this one.  Check!  Really loving giving my time and helping people and dogs.  So happy I have this as a monthly goal.

So some failures, but some wins.  I think it’s a pretty good jumping point!


January Recap — 8 Comments

  1. 1000+ miles for JANUARY? Emz must be really rubbing off on you! 😉
    I think you’re doing great with all you have on your plate. It’s hard to be Wonder Woman constantly, but you’re doing great trying :). Love your goals and looking forward to hearing about all your adventures this year!

    • Umm, yeah. So I’ve never done a triathlon before. It’s totally normal to start with a half Iron Man, right? I have an Olympic scheduled for before then though. Go big or go home, right? Right???

  2. My January was not very god mileage wise either. But its time to finally kick it in gear. I’m not too worried about plugging my way through Disney since that will be more about fun, but time to get ready for marathon training! 🙂

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